Thursday, July 16, 2009


By Francesca Di Leo:

Front Cover:

Inside, Front Cover:

Check out Paper Bella Studio here, created by Teresa McFayden. Paper Bella Studio has e-zines for purchase you can download, and they're choc-full of step-by-step tips and instructions, for all those art journalers, and mixed media types. The guest artist for the "A Journal of Interest E-zine", was Pamela Garrsion. What an awesome treat. She does some wicked beautiful work. Wish I could commission her to make me a one-of-a-kind journal, with her signature style. WOW-zer. That would be so cool.

Teresa McFayden also has an awesome blog with all kinds of beautiful things she makes. Check out her blog here.

I've subscribed to this e-zine for a few reasons: 1) in the hopes of learning new techniques; 2) joining a new community. I'm finding I'm scrapbooking less and less. And if I am scrapbooking, it's not your traditional 'scrapbook' page. My pages are more artsy and no longer appeal to the communities I've previously posted to. So, I'm in search of new peeps that like to do what I do. I still use my scrapbooking 'stuff' but in different ways.

Anyway - I've started this a little late but I'm catching up and totally enjoying the process. Funny how one link leads to another and whole new door to a whole new world opens up. Gotta love this information highway thing!

The photos above are of my newest journal (I now have about 5 on the go)!

Just love the way it turned out. I'm very pleased with myself. Laugh.

Off to go pick up Elisa from the sitter and let my two little chicks play in the make-shift sandbox, aka pool..! Smile. It's a hot one today.



p.s. still convalescing at home! my eyeball is still bothering me. Anther doc appt tomorrow morn. Hope I get the ok to go back to work. I'm afraid of what I'm going to find after being out for two weeks. Yikes... arrrhhgh Wish me luck.

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Jeanneoli said...

Just found your work on Flickr through the A Journal of Interest group. Love your work...just my taste and style! Glad I found your blog too.