Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool Stuff

There are so many cool artists out there whose work totally inspires me. I love the web and I love that their works are so easily available to me whenever I'm in the mood via their blogs and websites.
Here are a few artists work that I have fallen in love with. Best thing of all, the materials and techniques are so easy to incorporate into our own pages.
Emily is a super-cool mamma/artist/seamstress. She has an etsy shop with all her handmade clothing goods. You must check out her blog.

Love this. Love the simplicity yet the total attention to detail. The bubblewrap, the splashes of paint, the handwriting, the masking tape, a shred of paper and a transparency. How awesome is this. It totally speaks to my scrapping/collaging sensabilities.

How 'bout this one. Painted background, bublewrap, button, more masking tape, journaling that hugs the phots as grandma hugs the babe, and a cute cut out of a bird. Beauty. Just perfection in my eyes.
Les Elucubrations de Severine:

Severine, another cool mamma/artist. I first was introduced to her work when participating in the weekly catalyst for Creative Therapy, where she's on the design team. Her work is very captivating and unique. She uses items, and placement of things, in ways I wouldn't think of. That's what captures me when I see her pages. I find things that are unexpected. And this is exciting.
Love this. Simple yet dramatic. A string, a few drops of paint, a tag, initials, and voila, a masterpiece. Love it.

And this. Bold background pattern with minature scenes within. Vintage and gorgeous.

And Amy Powers work... well, let's just say, she's spectacular. Look at her piece below.

Need I say more. You have to visit her blog and check this out piece by piece and the amount of detail in every little square. I'm in love with this piece and will attempt to make my own. I have the supplies, now I need to find the time.
Off to try and create while I have some time to myself.
Happy happy happy!

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