Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Happy Space

This is most definitely my happy space. In all it's messyness and chaos right now, I absolutley love it. So photo friendly when it's in this state. This is after I have made something: drawers are gaping open, bottles are out, paint brushes all dripping in paint, papers, glitter, and embellishments are all out in the open ready to be used. It's a cacaphony of scrapping goodness screaming 'use me'. Laugh.

What it's really saying is 'clean this damn mess up, will ya'!!

My scrap space is in the basement. It's my dedicated space. Just me and my goods. My simple sanctuary. It may be old, and ugly but it's my happy space. It's where I get to be alone and create whatever I'm in the mood to create.

I was on Two Peas gallery today and I saw a really nicely designed scrapspace and thought, 'geesh could I really create in a space like that? I'd be scared to get paint on the brand new cupboards, or scratch up the table top, or get glue all over the place'. Then I thought of my space and you know what, it's just perfect the way it is. No worries about spilling paint, or ruining the table top, or leaving drawers open. Just freedom to create. Absolute freedom. It's the best.

Speaking of which there is a magazine created by Mary Engelbreit called, Where Women Create. You must check it out. The spaces are so diverse and all just so beautiful. Not stiff and stuffy, but used, and beautiful, and energetic and full of life and colour. So beautiful.

I'd love to see pics of your creative space. Leave a comment and a link to a pic of your scrapping space for us all to see.

Happy creating,


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Collage#1 and #2

I'm on another collaging frenzy!

I've been taking so many pics lately that I can't decide which ones I want to scrap. So, I've dug up my 12 of 12 template and am inputing all the ones I love. Can't help myself.

This Collage is called: Mortadella Mess Maker#1

And here is my Collage #2 called: Neighbourhood Shananigans

So much fun.

On to more collage making.... I guess I should start scrapping. Seems like I keep snapping pics and don't carve out some time to actually scrap them. oy...

Have a good night!


Our Extra, Ordinary Life

It all started when Eddy, our most favorite neighbour (who will be moving away at the end of August, to all of our chagrin), knocked on our door and asked the kids to come on out to look up at the sky:

This is what we saw. Someone in the lane way behind the other side of the street was flying a kite, REALLY, REALLY high in the sky. It was a perfect breezy day to do it too. It looked very cool so I had to run and get my new camera and take some pics.

In the meantime, on the way home was Kathleen, our other favorite neighbour walking Wellington aka "Welli", Elisa best-est friend:

Welli grew up with kids and is the friendliest, most well behaved dog ever. We just love him.

Then came along Jakson and Ceana, with their parents, our other favorite-est neighbours, and off they ran to Dave and Kathleen's to say hi to their dogs and reak havoc at their house:

Elisa ran straight for Matilda, Dave and Kathleen's other dog, to receive wet kisses! Matilda is infamous for her kisses.

Elisa just thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.

The girls played ring around the rosie until they got dizzy and literally fell down. Over and over and over again.

And the boys, being boys, wrestled until it got so rough Xavier was sent home. Yup. No more wrestling for them:

And that pretty much called it quits for our day. For some reason playing on someone else's lawn and house is so much more fun. The kids love hanging out on Eddie's grass or Dave and Kathleen's. So funny, kids are.

So the mayhem ended as quickly as it started and we all made our merry way home.
This is our typical day. All the neighbours come out, the kids play, the parents talk, and take pics (well I do anyway! smile), and then it's bath and bed time. Just the ordinary, yet the extraordinary days of our lives.

And a page to tote. Here's my ode to my one and only, Salvador Dali - an artistic genius:

"take me I am the drug, take me, I am hallucinogenic" -- Salvador Dali

Love to all, hope you have an extraordinary day!


Monday, July 27, 2009

And the Winner Is

And the winner of the Heidi Grace paper pack for responding to the green crawly thing is:

Jamie, who said:

It looks like a big caterpillar to me - it will probably turn into a BIG moth. If you really want to know contact your local Extension service - I think you have them in Toronto - try this reading your blog - not sure how I got here but that's half the fun of finding new blogs! Jamie V in MT

Jamie, please email me at with your mailing address and I'll send you that paper pack.

Thanks for participating!


New to Me Camera

Hi everyone! I can't tell you how excited I am to have myself a 'new to me' camera.

I inherited the Canon EOS Rebel Xti

I'm reading the manual and familiarizing myself with what it can do.
I'm also going to attend a workshop at Henry's so I can learn tips and tricks with this little baby. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this. I've been clicking away since I got it. So much so, that my kids run away from me when they hear me coming!

I'm on 'vacation' for two weeks - well, I'm home anyway (if you want to call it vacation!), but not having to go into work, none-the-less is so nice.

Xavier is off to day camp for the next two weeks at the YMCA, so it's just me and Elisa.

I tried to take pics of Xavier's first day at camp but all I got was the back of his head. Trying to get him to cooperate these days is like pulling teeth. So I've got nothing to post for ya today.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Another rainy day in Tornto.
This is what our sky looks like today.
It's making us all go a little stir crazy.....

Elisa won't take off her Spiderman swimming goggles. No Dora for this little spit-fire. Here she is watching Toopey and Binoo ready at any time to go for a dip in the (non-existent) pool.

And then there's Xavier. Xavier who will not entertain his mom and pose nicely for the new camera she just got. Here he is yelling, "mom STOP it"...

So, since I have no decent photos of my kids to show off, I'll post about my newest journal pages. Hmph!

Love this pp. Can't remember who it is though... Scenic Route, KI Memories. Geesh.. don't remember, do you?? but I love it.

Finding me! Yes, when you become a mom you tend to lose track of who you are and get lost in all the mommy-ness and forgetting to take care of your own self. I'm at a point in my life where I need to get back to ME. Take care of ME. Love ME more than I have in the last few years.

A couple of pages of my moleskine journal. White on white. Love it. A subtle subliminal message.. Journaling yet to be added to page on the right. Used Golden Titanium White fluic acrylic paints, and black oxide, which has a grainy, somewhat glimmery sheen to it.

I must create. Yes, creating makes me feel good.

Another in my moleskine journal. Little Elisa in her pretty colourful Etsy outfit.

If you haven't already seen my last post, please make a visit and see the video. Name the critter and you could win a Heidi Grace paper pack. Check it out.
Thanks and happy 'rainy' Sunday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Creepy Crawly Things and A Give-away!!

Can anyone tell me what the heck this creepy, crawly thingy is?

This is the first time I've ever seen anything like it. At first glimpse, I thought it was fake, but then when it started to move, I nearly broke my neck to get out of the way! Smile.

See, I told you it was creepy. Apparently the old man who was walking by as we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this thing that it eats up your vegetable garden, and they're very hard to get rid of because they camoflage themselves so you don't even know where they are!

Yuck. I hate creepy, crawly things. Nasty little bugger.

If you can give me the name to this thing, I will send you a package of Heidi Grace goodies. Really. If you know what this is called, leave a comment and you could win this gorgeous paper pack, which includes the following:

Lil Davis Designs - Vanderbilt, Stripe Sky

Heidi Grace - Day Dream Believer, Floral

Heidi Grace - Only Time, Decor Icons

Heidi Grace - Only Time, Main

You will get two of each because it's double sided. They are all so beautiful, this crappy photo doesn't do it justice.

Xavier said, "mommy we should get a jar and put it in and take it home". Yeah... I can just imagine this thing getting lost in the house after a little pair of hands forgets to keep the lid on, and finding it in my bed, cosy in my sheets while I'm sleeping. My gawd, I'm getting the chills all over my body with just the thought of it.

Needless to say, he wasn't allowed to "get a jar and bring it home". Imagine!

Have a buggy day and good luck on the give-away!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool Stuff

There are so many cool artists out there whose work totally inspires me. I love the web and I love that their works are so easily available to me whenever I'm in the mood via their blogs and websites.
Here are a few artists work that I have fallen in love with. Best thing of all, the materials and techniques are so easy to incorporate into our own pages.
Emily is a super-cool mamma/artist/seamstress. She has an etsy shop with all her handmade clothing goods. You must check out her blog.

Love this. Love the simplicity yet the total attention to detail. The bubblewrap, the splashes of paint, the handwriting, the masking tape, a shred of paper and a transparency. How awesome is this. It totally speaks to my scrapping/collaging sensabilities.

How 'bout this one. Painted background, bublewrap, button, more masking tape, journaling that hugs the phots as grandma hugs the babe, and a cute cut out of a bird. Beauty. Just perfection in my eyes.
Les Elucubrations de Severine:

Severine, another cool mamma/artist. I first was introduced to her work when participating in the weekly catalyst for Creative Therapy, where she's on the design team. Her work is very captivating and unique. She uses items, and placement of things, in ways I wouldn't think of. That's what captures me when I see her pages. I find things that are unexpected. And this is exciting.
Love this. Simple yet dramatic. A string, a few drops of paint, a tag, initials, and voila, a masterpiece. Love it.

And this. Bold background pattern with minature scenes within. Vintage and gorgeous.

And Amy Powers work... well, let's just say, she's spectacular. Look at her piece below.

Need I say more. You have to visit her blog and check this out piece by piece and the amount of detail in every little square. I'm in love with this piece and will attempt to make my own. I have the supplies, now I need to find the time.
Off to try and create while I have some time to myself.
Happy happy happy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Page One and Two

..of my Journal of Interest.

So many possibilities here. How easy would it be to turn this into a scrapbook page.
And here's page 2:
Giving myself permission to use all the products and things I'm sometimes afraid of using.
Isn't it crazy. I buy all this stuff to create with and yet I'm often hesitant to use it for fear of wasting it, or making a mistake! Such a nut bar I am!

Signed and dates to commit myself to using all my product.
Here are some fun pics of the kids yesterday in our neighbours pool.

One minute they're best buddies.

The next minute they're fighting. A love hate relationship. Isn't this typical of boys, though?

And of course, always trying to outdo one another. Here's Xavier testing out his high jumping abilities off the deck into the pool.
And here's Jakson going down the slide backwards, sitting up!!!

Oy! Then there's little Elisa watching in wonderment, trying to get in on the action.

Poor kid, she has no chance with those two big galoots!

I don't think I've ever seen two boys stronger and leaner than these two. My gosh, with all that running, jumping, biking, it's no wonder! I should follow suit, I could use a bod like that!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


By Francesca Di Leo:

Front Cover:

Inside, Front Cover:

Check out Paper Bella Studio here, created by Teresa McFayden. Paper Bella Studio has e-zines for purchase you can download, and they're choc-full of step-by-step tips and instructions, for all those art journalers, and mixed media types. The guest artist for the "A Journal of Interest E-zine", was Pamela Garrsion. What an awesome treat. She does some wicked beautiful work. Wish I could commission her to make me a one-of-a-kind journal, with her signature style. WOW-zer. That would be so cool.

Teresa McFayden also has an awesome blog with all kinds of beautiful things she makes. Check out her blog here.

I've subscribed to this e-zine for a few reasons: 1) in the hopes of learning new techniques; 2) joining a new community. I'm finding I'm scrapbooking less and less. And if I am scrapbooking, it's not your traditional 'scrapbook' page. My pages are more artsy and no longer appeal to the communities I've previously posted to. So, I'm in search of new peeps that like to do what I do. I still use my scrapbooking 'stuff' but in different ways.

Anyway - I've started this a little late but I'm catching up and totally enjoying the process. Funny how one link leads to another and whole new door to a whole new world opens up. Gotta love this information highway thing!

The photos above are of my newest journal (I now have about 5 on the go)!

Just love the way it turned out. I'm very pleased with myself. Laugh.

Off to go pick up Elisa from the sitter and let my two little chicks play in the make-shift sandbox, aka pool..! Smile. It's a hot one today.



p.s. still convalescing at home! my eyeball is still bothering me. Anther doc appt tomorrow morn. Hope I get the ok to go back to work. I'm afraid of what I'm going to find after being out for two weeks. Yikes... arrrhhgh Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Title Suggestions?

My little girl! What can I say. She's an eccentric one! She loves her pearl necklaces, she loves her pink everything, she loves her 'chou-chou', and she loves her purses (see background on the floor), and she loves her underwear on her head! Her. Underwear. On. Her. Head. Oy.

What am I gonna do with her. This is how she wanted to go to the sitters. We had a fight over taking her 'hat' off. She cried, I screamed, and finally we compromised with her wearing a different 'hat' on her head. This time, a REAL hat! Double oy!

She's a stubborn one, with a very distinct sense of STYLE. Oh yes! My little trendsetter. Laugh.

I am going to try to scrap this pic today, tonite, sometime soon. This one is a must. But titles, I've been racking my brain for a title for this page. Any suggestions? Something funny, and cute.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Woe-eth Me

So I've been banished from the office for two weeks. I have a viral eye infection that apparently is highly contagious. I give it a couple days before the whole family gets it. Woe-eth me! I've been washing my hands so much they're red and parched. I've disinfected the entire house in the hopes of not giving it to my kids.

I don't mind the part of being banished from work though! I could really get used to this 'working from home' business. You know, answer an email, nap, answer an email, surf the net, answer an email, talk on the phone... anyway, you get my drift.

I've managed to complete a few pages:

On this one I used one of my favorite quotes by Kalil Gibran, "Beauty is not in the face it is a light in the heart".

This page is in response to Creative Therapy, Catalyst #69, "What is your favorite thing about where you live?" Our little house may be old, but we love it. This is the place we come home to eachother where we are family. What could be better than that? My dream come true.

This one is about my little Elisa! I told you these photos of Elisa would show up time and time again. This is another favorite version of these photos, "Girls In Summer Dresses". Love love love that little dressy from Etsy!

Have a great day one and all.

Off to a doc appt. to check out my eyeball and make sure she's a-healing.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Half Past Dawn

Ok, so I got in trouble for not posting the right info on my previous posts.

My nephew Anthony is in a band called, HALF PAST DAWN.

They are: Ok on lead guitar theres Usamah, rythem guitar Justin, Drums Andre, Vocals Jakub, and Bass ME!!! (Anthony, that is).

Check 'em out here practicing (Anth is the one with the mammoth size foot on the speaker in the back. Smile), and here at the battle of the bands.

So, if you wanna book'em for your next party, or whatever, give me a call, and I'll hook you up.. man!

How's that for some extra publicity Half Past Dawn!! I'll put it on your tab.

And two of more of my art journal pages done. Post it soon.

Love ya later,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glimmer Mist

Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look!

Gotta get me some of this product. Or win me some product!!!!
I have yet to use this product, but I've seen many scrapbookers use it and it's ultra cool.
Check out the Tattered Angels website for tutorials and ideas on how to use this product.

More later.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ode to Alex's Rocker Days

I would like to introduce you to my 16 year old nephew, Anthony and his band mates:

Anthony is the really cute dude in the middle with the hat on! He's the bass player.

This post is dedicated to my brother Alex, and his rocker days!
Remember hanging out in smoky bars, jamming and trying to get the chicks?
Staying out late and getting into trouble.

Remember going to Steve's Music Store and buying a $1300 guitar with credit without having a job or any money to pay it back?? And dad made you take it back that very same day. Tell Anthony that story! Smile.

I post this because Alex gives his son Anthony, who's now 16 stress about his hair, his clothes, and the his loud, very loud band. Yes, Anthony is in a band. A. Rock. Band.

So, in Anthony's defense I wanted to remind my big brother of what it was like when HE was young and 'senseless' (laugh), since he has long forgotten, and I thought I'd better send this reminder:

Remember the hair, the really long rocker, feathered hair? that you coveted more than your family.

Remember the REALLY, really tight, extra slim jeans? that showed off EVERY curve and swerve. LMAO.

And the obsession with getting that really long hair just right? and the hours spent in front of the mirror trying to look cute?

And the obsession with tinkering with cars, REALLY fast, sports cars? Camaros, Z28's, what else was hot at the time?

Hmmmmmm, sweet, memories.
So, Alex and Anthony, looks like you two are more alike than not. Like Rocker father, like Rocker son. Anth is a rocker off the old block. Smile.
So Anthony, when your father starts to give you a hard time about the hair, the music, the band, just flash one of these photos and tell him to just 'Chill' - he actually turned out pretty ok, and so will you! tee hee.
Have a great day one and all.