Friday, June 12, 2009

My Puppy Samson

Ok, so maybe not so much a puppy anymore.

My Sammy is now 8 years old. That's what in human years.... ahhh 56 years old!

He's a white German Sheppherd that is the son of my cousins dog Bianco (means white in Italian..get it.. smile). We got him when he was a mere 8 weeks old, but met him when he was abuot 6 weeks old and waited till he was 8 weeks to take him home.

I've never met a smarter, more gentle dog ever. He has never, ever hurt either Elisa or Xavier. I'll never forget how portective he was of the kids when they were babies. He guarded over them, and hated for relatives or friends to pick them up. He kept such a watchful eye on them.

Now that he's older, he plays with the kids and they play ball. He never shows his teeth and lets Elisa and Xavier do anything they want to him. If he doesn't like being a 'horsie' as Elisa calls it, he just goes underneath the kitchen table and hides. He doesn't mind kids in his face, having his ears pulled, and the occasional game of 'horsie'.

He's a good 80 pounds, and a strong as a horse, and still very healthy (touch wood).

Funny, if even neighbours or friends we know come by, he barks to let us know someone is there. If it's a stranger or the mailman, and they're on our property, boy does he let them have it. I wouldn't come within ten feet of our house with the sound of his bark.

He's VERY protective of his family and his territory, aka our home. We have an alarm system as well, but who needs an alarm system when you have a German Sheppherd. Smile.

All I know is, I'm gonna some day really miss this big 'ol galoot when he's no longer around. What I'll miss most are:

kisses on his wet, cold nose
his obsession with our stinky feet
licks and kisses when I come home from work
the way he follows me throughout the day
having him rest his chin on my knee when we're watching tv
his companionship
the way he clumsily knocks everyone out of his way when turning around
his great big beautiful eyes

What I won't miss:
picking up his poop!
incessant shedding and vacuuming!
stinky wet dog smell
begging at dinner time
picking up poo!
having to wake up early, even on a Saturday/Sunday to take him out to poo!
did I mention I won't miss picking up poo!!

Have a great day!

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