Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy As A Bee

We've been busy. With all the nice weather we've been having we haven't been inside much. Hence, no blogging and no scrapping for me. We've been riding bikes, trying to learn how to ride on two wheels for Xavier, and getting Elisa learning how to pedal. She's insisting on doing it the Flintstones way, with her little feet hitting the pavement.

I've been weeding and watering and gazing lovingly at all the flowers and trees blooming and growing in our neighbourhood. I so love this time of year. I'm loving watching all the kids on our street riding, laughing, running, reaking havoc. Such a nice escape for our winter hibernation.

My ultimate favorite flower is the peone. Such a gorgeous flower. Check this out...

They're just starting to bloom and I'm sooo excited. Love love love 'em.

Today I took a Family day to volunteer at Xavier's school trip to High Park. What a fun time.
First we went to his classroom to take attendance... and sing O Canada.. so cute.

Xavier and Nathaniel

Then off we went on the bus to High Park. We visited the Children's Gardens, where the kids plant and grow both the vegetables and plants. Xavier planted ocra, first he dug, then he planted, then he watered.

Then it was off to the butterfly station where they learned about butterflies. Here's Xavier's group testing out their wings.

Delon; Julian; Emma; Jenna; Xavier

Next it was off to the composting section to learn about how to compost and get to play with worms!!!! Mommy's least favorite part of the day. But the kids got such a kick out of this. Good thing my allergies were acting up cause I didn't get to sniff any of that nasty stuff.. Here are the kiddos enjoying some wet slime..

Julian and Xavier's hands

Next, it was time to pot a flowering plant to bring home with them to care for. Xavier loved this part. Then they had to write their names on the tape on their pot. How exciting...

This is a REALLY cute video of the kids singing the caring song, actions and all. Xavier was all about it until he noticed I was video taping him and he got all shy and nervous. Look, so funny!

And here are some pics of Elisa helping Quinn and Maria water their plants.. she's such a good little helper!!!

And another of her just posing by the apple tree!!!! Actually, she was really looking for June bugs that live in the hosta beside the tree!! Creeeeeepy looking things, but she loves 'em.

She's such a little ham-ster! Love her..

Have a great day one and all.


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