Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Late Night...

....working. This time it was the Graduation Dinner for our senior residents.

It was actually a fun evening out.

Here's a pic of a co-worker who has retired and came back for the evening festivities as an 'honourary guest'. It was nice seeing here after a very long time. She retired before I came back from my maternity leave, so I didn't get to give her a proper farewell.

My pal, Val:

This is the group of people of I work with. Elizabeth, Wah-Ming, Maggie, Rosemary, and myself.

It was held at Heart House, of the University of Toronto. It's such a grand, old, beautiful location. This room is called the 'Great Room', and great it is indeed. Of course, this photo does not do it justice. It felt like being brought back in time, or literally jumping into a Harry Potter movie.

This is a closeup of the walls of the great room:

And little birdies often get in from outside and just hang around until they find their way out again.

Check out the architectural arches that lead to the courtyard outside and me trying to look all that...!!! Smile. :

I'm hoping to have a beautiful, relaxing weekend, after a very busy week. Let's just hope the weather cooperates and I can enjoy some gardening.

Have a great weekend.


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