Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Fun Pics

I can't believe I haven't yet scrapped any of these photos! What is wrong with me. Laugh.

I'm going throught he hundreds of photos yesterday again, and found so many fun pics that I just have to share.

Xavier insisted on getting a henna tattoo of a spider. He looked through the book and picked the biggest, most realistic spider he could find. The dude who did it is from Denmark who travels around the world doing this. Imagine. One day in the Dominican, another day in Bali. Nice. Here's a photo of dude working on the tattoo. This cost us $15 dollars by the way. Yeah...

While Xavier was getting his tatoo me and Elisa went next door to get her hair done. The lady was nice enough to do Elisa's ultra fine, ultra short hair a few braids with beads. This was the final product. How cute is this. She was soooooooo cute. LOVE it.

Me and Xavier playing 'shark' in the pool. I was the shark and he was Spiderman. I aka shark had no chance against spidey! Laugh.

Now this photo totally cracks me up. Little Elisa, half-foot-nothing waiting at the bar patiently for her strawberry daiquari (virgin of course). Can you imagine. I was on my lounge chair when I noticed her waiting for the bartender (who by the way Elisa had a crush on), when I snapped this shot. Soo so so funny. LOVE it.

Elisa's little bum in her swimmers. I love this shot. She loved that pink little boat and hanging out in the pool. Elisa + water + a shovel + a bucket = HEAVEN. Laugh.

Ok, I'm off to a scrapping extravaganza tonight. Plus I have a kit from Retrospection blog, that I have coming very soon, so I'll have all new product, and no excuse not to finally scrap these photos. Looks like I'm going to hve a busy weekend.
Have a great day one and all.

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