Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art Journal

So I have become seriously inamoured by art journaling.

For fun, I went out and bought me some fluid acrylic paints, some glossy gel medium, fabriano hotpressed watercolour paper and went to town with whatever my little fingertips wanted to do.

I love starting a page without thinking about the end result. I find I'm less stressed starting out, and I end up loving the process more when I'm in that 'whatever happens, happens' state of mind. All my pages that I worked on in this state of mind, are always my favorites. Like this one, and this one.

Images courtesy of Teesha Moore - except the chick with the arm over her head, that's actually me in High School thinking I was the most ultra-cool chick on the planet! Laugh.
This is what I call my 'whispers' journal. I was inspired to create it by Kelly Rae Roberts. My 'whispers' are, and always have been, to be creative, to create, to live in colour. It's no wonder I grew up with pens, lots of paper and a cosy spot in the sunlight where I'd draw and write books.

Image courtesy of Teesha Moore

Funny, throughout highschool, I was in the arts program, and twice my pieces were chosen to be presented at the Ontario College of Art. Yeah! Pretty awesome. But I remember being very insecure about creating, and I always had this 'bad' whisper that always said, 'you're not an artist, what do you know, you're not good enough'. Who knows what would have happened if I'd just pushed those whispers away, tucked them underneath my foot and squashed them. If only I'd had a little bit of encouragement, it might have made a difference. Instead I became a high-school teacher of Italian language, and Social Studies! Yup!

Image courtesy of Teesha Moore
I've now found my way back to art. It started when I was reintroduced to scrapbooking. And I'm slowly evolving from there. Mixed Media Collage is my thing. I've found my niche. This is where I'll explore my creative heart. This is where I'll go, to a place when I was 9, sitting by the door, with the sunlight on my face, writing my books, and drawing my pictures, and feeling like the world was my oyster. Free to create. Free to be me.

I'm looking into a Art History degree at the University of Toronto.

But WHERE, or WHERE will I find the time.

Or is that just more of the 'bad' whispers telling me not to do it.


Thanks for listening to my crazy talk!

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