Monday, April 27, 2009


This is my latest creation. It's called, 'LIVE OUT LOUD'.
I read that phrase somewhere is scrap-land and it immediately spoke to me.
I knew I had to do something with this so I sat in my scrap space (aka my hole in the wall aka basement) and sat and sat thinking about how I should start this.

Then some fabric I've been hoarding by Anna Maria Horner caught my eye. Which, inadvertantly was sitting next to some stretched canvases I've also been hoarding (and meaning to use for a long while now). So, I pulled both the fabric and the canvas out of my stash and thought why not use this, I could collage it, put it on canvas, use my paints and then I just got started, on auto-pilot, just doing what felt right, and not too much thinking once I got started.

I wanted something bold, bright, colourful, something that made a statment and was fitting for, 'LIVE OUT LOUD'. I decided this is going to hang somewhere in my scrap space (aka my hole in the wall, basement - smile!), to cheer things up and at the same time inspire me with all it's bright cheerfulness, against the dull-ery of my 'hole in the wall'. Laugh.

This is how it turned out:
I must learn to take better photographs of my pages. Maybe I need a new camera. Hmmm. My photos never ever really do justice to my work. I must get on this. Cause really, this IRL is really so much more vibrant and pretty in all it's little details.
She now hanging pretty in my scrap-space! Yeah.
So totally inspired these days by the likes of Patti van Dorin, Kelly Rae Roberts and Teesha Moore. Art journaling and collaging are so up my ally. I'm loving experimenting and doing something I didn't think I could do. It's taking me out of my 'box', and it feels great playing with paints and just making 'it' up along the way.
Thanks for looking and O HAPPY DAY everyone. It's really feeling like spring today, the sun is shining and it's 27 degrees. YEAH!

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