Sunday, March 15, 2009

Learn to Swim

In response to Creative Therapy's Catalyst #52, "Tell us about something you’ve always wanted to learn".

Oh to know how to swim, and feel free to float away in the water, to feel peace and move with the waves. That is the ultimate freedom. Being one with the water. Drifting away with the rhythm of the waves. Wouldn't that just be awesome to do that. I've always wanted to learn. Not really sure why I never did. But it's never too late, and I might just take a swimming class! Do they exist for adults??? Imagine me in a class with a bunch of 6 year old. Laugh! How funny! My sister and I joke about us all the time not being able to swim and fooling around in the shallow end with the kids. So damn funny. However, I never felt the urge to learn as strong until after our trip to Punta Cana. I'm determined to rid myself of panic when surrounded by water.

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