Sunday, March 22, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Funnn!

It's sooo much fun having a girl. I love that she gets to wear pink. I love that when I shop for her there's miles and miles of racks of clothes. I love how cute she looks when she wears skirts. I love her pink, flowered sketchers.

She loves to push her pink stroller around. Even if there aren't any of her 'babies' in it. I loved watching her play and enjoy herself on this beautiful spring day.

She's loving Elmo, and Big Bird these days. Big Bird going for a joy ride with little 'mommy'.

Learning to ride her little trike! She can't yet fully reach the pedals but she certainly tries. She doesn't easily give up. That's what I so love about her personality. She's a go-getter. And she doesn't let her brother, or any other boy to get in her way of what she wants. How's that for spunk! That's my girl, just like her mom. Tough as nails, but sweet as sugar. Smile. Right Dom? Laugh.

The three muskateers! The three trouble makers. The three stooges. The three amigos. Max, the big cousin, over on a rare occasion without his mom. Waiting to go to the movies with Dom and Xavier, to see, 'The Watchman'. Boys night out. Elisa trying to caputre the perfect shot. This is the cutest photo of the three ever. Just love it.
We have another beautiful spring day today!
Elisa is hanging out with Maria, and Xavier is playing ball with Quinn! Our neighbours, aka my lifesavers.
Have a beautiful day!

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