Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun in the Dominican Republic

So, we're finally back from our first 'family' vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

It was pure heaven. The weather was divine, the grounds were beautiful, the people were super friendly, and we were so happy to have escaped the winter blahs...

Here are a few photo collages I put together or our week at the Sirenis Resort:

The Beach:

The beach was just absolutley spectacular. It was warm and shallow, and just divine. Salt water has a thing about soothing the body and the soul. There's nothing like it in this world. Oh to live by the ocean and be able to walk along the waters edge, or take a dip every single day. Unfortunately I can't swim. Well. Not that I can't, I just don't know how. So, I wade in the pools and just play by the waters edge. Such a shame because I so desperately just wanted to jump in head first and float away and just 'be' and enjoy the water surrounding me. Any water above my waist and it sets me off into a panic. Yeah. One thing I must definitely learn to do is swim. I must create something for Creative Therapy, their catalyst this week is to, "Tell us about something you’ve always wanted to learn". How incredibly fitting after this trip.

The Pool:

The pool was incredible. There was a deep end for swimmers, and a shallow end for toddlers (and mom who likes to wade in pools. laugh). Within just a few feet of our 'spot' by the pool, under a palapa, we had the bar and the all day buffet. By mid-week Xavier was going to the bar and asking for 'strawberry daiquari', and Elisa was drinking Pina Coladas. The bartender was so sweet and always friendly with the kids. We came equipped with rubber duckies, and boats, beach balls and all sorts of floating devices to keep the kids entertained. And they had an absolute blast.

The Resort:

The resort, well what can I say except, absolutely beautiful. The grounds were extremely clean and very well kept. The outdoor washrooms were just as clean and sweet smelling as the ones indoors. No joke. The variety of tropical plants, flowers, and trees were just out of this world. We were surrounded by an abundance of palm trees loaded with coconuts. One gardener climbed up the tree, cut down some coconuts with his 'huge' knife, and let us drink the coconut milk right from the coconut. When we were done he took the coconut back and made carved out a mug out of the actual coconut. It was so cool. We sat by him and watched and took pictures of him whilst doing it. Needless to say we gave him a nice fat tip for entertaining us like that. And we even got to take the 'coconut' mug home.

The people were friendly, the weather is guaranteed, and the food was pretty damn good too! It was a great week and we will definitely be going back next winter.

Now back to reality. Snow. Work. Cold. Cleaning the house. And oh my gawd the piles of laundry! Yikes. Frown.

Adios amigos. Hasta lo huego.



Yoli said...

Hi Francesca,

I saw one of your beautiful LOs posted on 2peas so I had to check out your blog. I like your vacation photos and the block style in which they were posted on your blog. I was wondering how you did that Thanks and welcome back!

Sonia said...

Hi Francesca
Found in Yoli's Blog so if my first time here.
I love your collage travel pictures. I was visiting Punta Cana (July 2006).
Great place just to relax!!!

Greetings from Puerto Rico

Sonia said...

Again here Francesca i change the date of my trip lol!!! The correct year was 2005... Sorry!