Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catalyst #45

Here is the catalyst #45 from Creative Therapy: "If you got to write a book/movie/song what would it be about?"

I would definitley write about growing up as a first generation Canadian from Italian immigrant parents. I'd write about the struggles of my parents trying to maintain a very strict Italian culture, yet at the same time trying to immerse myself into our Canadian culture.
I'd write about what is now called our Italo-Canadese dialect. A dialect that was once a Sicilian dialect that turned into half Sicilian-half English. For example, two-by-four, in Italo-Canadese is 'tuba-fora'. Funny strange thing that happened. It's no longer distinguishable as a genuine Sicilian dialect.
I'd write about the traditional foods we grew up with, how to make home-made tomato sauce, smoked sausages, and sun dried tomatoes!
I'd write about Italy, a land I really felt like I knew, that I identified with, and loved, but had never visited. I'd write about how for many years when someone asked me what nationality I was I'd say, Italian, when in fact I was Canadian of Italian descent. I'd write about this for my kids and their kids because by the time they grow up most of our Italian heritage will be lost if not maintained, nurtured, and passed on.
This is an ode to my Italian heritage.

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Alberta and Ava said...

I think your book would be fascinating, based on what you've written here!