Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me From Me

Merry Christmas to me, from me! Laugh.

OK, you know I get a ton of inspiration from my fellow bloggers, especially my favorite Christine Middlecamp's, Retrospection blog. She posted some awesome links on fabrics and some gorgeous camera straps. So, you know me, and of course I just had to have them! I admit, I have no self control and I'm easily influenced, especially when it comes to all things beautiful.

I'm in the process of teaching myself to quilt and in the process of trying to get Dom to agree to buy me a new SLR camera. So, naturally, I need more fabric and a gorgeous camera strap for my yet unpurchased camera. Laugh! Yeah, I'm a tad crazy. What can I say. Smile.

So, here are a few things I have coming to my door in the next few weeks! Take a gander at the beauty...

This is my new camera strap. The one I originally wanted were sold out, so I searched out Etsy and found this great shop: Phat Straps. There were so many to choose from but when I spotted this one I just couldn't take my eyes off it. I thought I wanted something bright and colourful with flowers, but for some reason I kept getting drawn to this one. It has soft pastelle colours with a very graphic design. I love it's vintage, classic feel. There was also a black and cream graphic one that I also wanted but I had to curb my spending.. lest my husband die of a heart attack at the sight of my visa bill. Laugh....

And... well, since I'm going back to work in January part-time, I figured I might as well and get myself a stylish lanyard to hold my damned identification we have to wear. I thought since I have to wear one everyday, it might as well be held by some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. How 'bout that! Love, love, love...

OK, so now, on to my wanna-be-a-quilter ambitions... this is the fabulous fabric. Ahhhh, sigh.... I just love looking at beautiful things. It just makes my heart go a-flutter. And my husband shudder. HAHAHAHAH... poor guy, he's gonna have to get a 2nd job just to keep up with my on-line craziness. It's a good thing he love me.

Here is the Andalucia Fabric "Jolly Pack", I purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Ahh, nothing like a little good spending to get me going...

Have a wonderful, shop-full day everyone!


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