Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Giordanella Christmas 2008

A Giordanella Christmas, 2008

The participants:

From left to right: me and my little family, my brother Alex and his family, my other brother with his grandson, my sister with her (uncooperative) son!, Sam and his family (my older brothers son), momma Giordanella, the kis reaking havoc at my mom's place, Xavier and Elisa playing in a box. Yes. A. Box. Lady Olivia posing nicely and being very cooperative with me, Miss Elisa never standing still for a decent photo, Daddy's little girl getting her sugar fix, me and my girl..

The classic photo: Xavier and Elisa playing with a cardboard box, after having opened a million gifts!!! They literally ended up playing with the damned box that Xavier's skateboard came in!! Can you cope?

The Surprise: (I think the adults enjoyed the surprise more than the kids did). My kids wouldn't go near Santa aka Sebastian (my oldest brother). The adults had no qualms of sharing in the fun, and a good smooch or two... ahum... kaye!!!! The older kids (Max, Anthony and Dante) got a total kick out of it. Yeah, yeah, they so wish they still believed..!! Smile.

And last but not least the shaninigans aka the chaos: although this year it was more of an organized chaos unlike last year. The boys did a lot of wrestling, goofing around, and just generally being 'boys'. Elisa was in her own little world making her own fun, and dancing every chance she could get. The kids then changed into their pj's, and had a snack of chocolate bars and candy canes!!!!!! It's ok, it was Christmas, and extra special treats for an extra special day.

There was lots of laughter, story telling, playing games, and really just having a really nice time with family. It was yet one of the most satisfying Christmas' for me. Just watching all the kids enjoy themselves was so awesome. It brought back sweet memories of when when I was kid and the tons of fun we used to have. It was all good. And I'm glad I took a million photos to remember the event.

I've ordered a project kit from Christine Middlecamps blog, using the Christmas Cheer line from October Afternoon. I can't wait to get it and complete my little Christmas mini.

On the 25th we had another Christmas dinner at the Di Leo residence. More photos of that to follow. But now it's almost 1:00am and I can no longer manage to see straight.

Have a beautiful nigth.


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