Friday, December 26, 2008

A Di Leo Christmas, 2008

A Di Leo Christmas, 2008

The participants:
Vicky, Peter, Vince, Nonna Vittoria, Joe, me, Domenic, Elisa and Xavier! Small, quiet and sweet. We had a delicious dinner, watched the kids open their presents, play scratch and win cards, nibbling on 'castagna', and enjoying eachother's company.

Why is it that it's the mothers and grandmothers that get stuck in the kitchen? arggghhhh

Well, I'm glad the xmas dinners are over with, especially now that I'm at least a good 10 pounds heavier. No joke. Weep. Sigh. Cry.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays with your families and friends.

Here's to a wonderful, prosperous, healthy New Year.


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