Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Concert 2007

These are photos from Xavier's 2007 Christmas concert. It's about time I finally scrapped them.. it's only a year late!!!

Unfortunately, the photos are really crappy! I couldn't get a good shot, the settings on my camera got messed up 'cause Elisa got her hands on it and pressed all kinds of buttons. And, I didn't know how to adjust them at the time. So,,,, sigh.... every single photo came out blurry. Well, at least I have a few photos that I was able to salvage to record the event.

As soon as I saw Xavier on the stage I couldn't help but tear up. I was so proud of him, and I must say, he was the cutest kid on stage! Spoken like a true mom, aye? Xavier's teacher told me earlier in the week, after practicing the song that, "Xavier has a beautiful singing voice". How proud was I? Let me tell you.... thank the goood Lord he doesn't have my singing voice, err ahhh if that's what you wanna call it. Laugh.

I love the pp's used on this page. I especially love the flurry, white textured paper that reminds me of fresly fallen snow. I have to check to see who the manurfacturer is on that.

This year's concert was just as much fun. Last year I got crappy shots cause of the messed up settings, and this year I got crappy shots cause they put my baby at the back, in front of the tall girl. All I could get were his eyebrows and the top of his head!! I just can't win. What's a mother to do?!?!? Anyway, I'll scrap those photos too as soon as I get them printed.

On a final note, here are some shots of the kids at school this morning, enjoying the very crisp, cold weather and snow. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my 22 month old's gloves on her hands?????????? (besides using a staple gun). Laugh. Her little fingers can freeze off and she still won't put her gloves on. It makes me crazy.

Have a happy day all.


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