Sunday, December 28, 2008

Light Of My Life

Here's a look at my latest page:

In this photo Elisa was only 4 days old. Yup. 4 days old. Imagine. From the minute she was born she was such a little doll, and so easy to care for and to please. She rarely ever cried. She rarely ever fussed. She slept right through the night at 3 months old. And even now that she's almost two (in Feb), she's still the easiest, most happy, content little girl. And yes, she easily melded into our hearts and home so seamlessly and effortlessly. It was just like she was always meant to be, just waiting to be born and brought home. She was, and is that 'easy'. She truly is a joy to have in our lives and we're truly blessed to have her.

I'm now going to print up our Christmas photos and hopefully get at least one page done by the end of the day. Dom is out with Elisa so it may just be possible!

Happy day all..


Friday, December 26, 2008

A Di Leo Christmas, 2008

A Di Leo Christmas, 2008

The participants:
Vicky, Peter, Vince, Nonna Vittoria, Joe, me, Domenic, Elisa and Xavier! Small, quiet and sweet. We had a delicious dinner, watched the kids open their presents, play scratch and win cards, nibbling on 'castagna', and enjoying eachother's company.

Why is it that it's the mothers and grandmothers that get stuck in the kitchen? arggghhhh

Well, I'm glad the xmas dinners are over with, especially now that I'm at least a good 10 pounds heavier. No joke. Weep. Sigh. Cry.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays with your families and friends.

Here's to a wonderful, prosperous, healthy New Year.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Giordanella Christmas 2008

A Giordanella Christmas, 2008

The participants:

From left to right: me and my little family, my brother Alex and his family, my other brother with his grandson, my sister with her (uncooperative) son!, Sam and his family (my older brothers son), momma Giordanella, the kis reaking havoc at my mom's place, Xavier and Elisa playing in a box. Yes. A. Box. Lady Olivia posing nicely and being very cooperative with me, Miss Elisa never standing still for a decent photo, Daddy's little girl getting her sugar fix, me and my girl..

The classic photo: Xavier and Elisa playing with a cardboard box, after having opened a million gifts!!! They literally ended up playing with the damned box that Xavier's skateboard came in!! Can you cope?

The Surprise: (I think the adults enjoyed the surprise more than the kids did). My kids wouldn't go near Santa aka Sebastian (my oldest brother). The adults had no qualms of sharing in the fun, and a good smooch or two... ahum... kaye!!!! The older kids (Max, Anthony and Dante) got a total kick out of it. Yeah, yeah, they so wish they still believed..!! Smile.

And last but not least the shaninigans aka the chaos: although this year it was more of an organized chaos unlike last year. The boys did a lot of wrestling, goofing around, and just generally being 'boys'. Elisa was in her own little world making her own fun, and dancing every chance she could get. The kids then changed into their pj's, and had a snack of chocolate bars and candy canes!!!!!! It's ok, it was Christmas, and extra special treats for an extra special day.

There was lots of laughter, story telling, playing games, and really just having a really nice time with family. It was yet one of the most satisfying Christmas' for me. Just watching all the kids enjoy themselves was so awesome. It brought back sweet memories of when when I was kid and the tons of fun we used to have. It was all good. And I'm glad I took a million photos to remember the event.

I've ordered a project kit from Christine Middlecamps blog, using the Christmas Cheer line from October Afternoon. I can't wait to get it and complete my little Christmas mini.

On the 25th we had another Christmas dinner at the Di Leo residence. More photos of that to follow. But now it's almost 1:00am and I can no longer manage to see straight.

Have a beautiful nigth.


Monday, December 22, 2008

My Kids All 'Growed' Up

When I look at this photo of Xavier, I see a shy little guy who's growing up into a very independent, smart and funny character. He's no longer my baby, can't use that word with him anymore. Everyday he surprises me with something he's said or done. Just the other day as I'm changing Elisa's diaper, he says in a grown-up tone, "mom, that's hideous". All at the wise old age of 5. Imagine! Little twerp. Smile.

I used American Crafts patterned paper for this page, and cardstock from Martha Stewart. K& Company glitter stickers (bird and flourish) at the top and rub-on at the bottom as well as button flower centres; Making Memories felt flowers and scallop square chipboard and letter stickers for title and date; free font from called My Old Remington.

Here's Elisa all growed up too! On my computer watching Elmo videos. Her dad puts it on for her in the morning before he goes to work, and she just squeals with delight. And I squeal in panic for fear that she'll destroy my 'puter! I'd be lost without my 'puter.

Daddy and his little girl at their usual post every morning! Cuties.

Off to Cosco tonight to pick up a few last minute things for our Christmas Eve dinner this Wednesday night. We're Italian, and I think most Italians celebrate Christmas Eve. We eat a really really huge dinner. We drink lots of wine. We play lots of Italian card games. We win and lose lots of money (mostly coins). We nibble on 'castagna', 'nuci', 'pistachio', and 'panettone'. Then at 12:00am we open up our Christmas gifts. Then the kids open up their gifts that Santa (aka Il Babo Natale) has left them on the morning of the 25th.

Xavier's Christmas list to Santa was at least 6 pages long. It took him a while to do it because he was taking great care with his spelling. So adorable. Here's a sample of it.

Three more sleeps to Christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me From Me

Merry Christmas to me, from me! Laugh.

OK, you know I get a ton of inspiration from my fellow bloggers, especially my favorite Christine Middlecamp's, Retrospection blog. She posted some awesome links on fabrics and some gorgeous camera straps. So, you know me, and of course I just had to have them! I admit, I have no self control and I'm easily influenced, especially when it comes to all things beautiful.

I'm in the process of teaching myself to quilt and in the process of trying to get Dom to agree to buy me a new SLR camera. So, naturally, I need more fabric and a gorgeous camera strap for my yet unpurchased camera. Laugh! Yeah, I'm a tad crazy. What can I say. Smile.

So, here are a few things I have coming to my door in the next few weeks! Take a gander at the beauty...

This is my new camera strap. The one I originally wanted were sold out, so I searched out Etsy and found this great shop: Phat Straps. There were so many to choose from but when I spotted this one I just couldn't take my eyes off it. I thought I wanted something bright and colourful with flowers, but for some reason I kept getting drawn to this one. It has soft pastelle colours with a very graphic design. I love it's vintage, classic feel. There was also a black and cream graphic one that I also wanted but I had to curb my spending.. lest my husband die of a heart attack at the sight of my visa bill. Laugh....

And... well, since I'm going back to work in January part-time, I figured I might as well and get myself a stylish lanyard to hold my damned identification we have to wear. I thought since I have to wear one everyday, it might as well be held by some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. How 'bout that! Love, love, love...

OK, so now, on to my wanna-be-a-quilter ambitions... this is the fabulous fabric. Ahhhh, sigh.... I just love looking at beautiful things. It just makes my heart go a-flutter. And my husband shudder. HAHAHAHAH... poor guy, he's gonna have to get a 2nd job just to keep up with my on-line craziness. It's a good thing he love me.

Here is the Andalucia Fabric "Jolly Pack", I purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Ahh, nothing like a little good spending to get me going...

Have a wonderful, shop-full day everyone!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Concert 2007

These are photos from Xavier's 2007 Christmas concert. It's about time I finally scrapped them.. it's only a year late!!!

Unfortunately, the photos are really crappy! I couldn't get a good shot, the settings on my camera got messed up 'cause Elisa got her hands on it and pressed all kinds of buttons. And, I didn't know how to adjust them at the time. So,,,, sigh.... every single photo came out blurry. Well, at least I have a few photos that I was able to salvage to record the event.

As soon as I saw Xavier on the stage I couldn't help but tear up. I was so proud of him, and I must say, he was the cutest kid on stage! Spoken like a true mom, aye? Xavier's teacher told me earlier in the week, after practicing the song that, "Xavier has a beautiful singing voice". How proud was I? Let me tell you.... thank the goood Lord he doesn't have my singing voice, err ahhh if that's what you wanna call it. Laugh.

I love the pp's used on this page. I especially love the flurry, white textured paper that reminds me of fresly fallen snow. I have to check to see who the manurfacturer is on that.

This year's concert was just as much fun. Last year I got crappy shots cause of the messed up settings, and this year I got crappy shots cause they put my baby at the back, in front of the tall girl. All I could get were his eyebrows and the top of his head!! I just can't win. What's a mother to do?!?!? Anyway, I'll scrap those photos too as soon as I get them printed.

On a final note, here are some shots of the kids at school this morning, enjoying the very crisp, cold weather and snow. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my 22 month old's gloves on her hands?????????? (besides using a staple gun). Laugh. Her little fingers can freeze off and she still won't put her gloves on. It makes me crazy.

Have a happy day all.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Xmas Tags

Here is my attempt at Days 7 and Day 4 of Tim Holtz's 12 Days of Christmas!

Day 7 - SNOW

I loved working on this one - so much fun! The only thing I didn't do was add the snow. Tim used UTEE, UTEE white, Glossy Accents, and one more product which I didn't have. I didn't want to ruin the tag so I just omitted the process. It's still cute, but it sure would have been ultra-cute with the snow. I'll have to make another run to my LSS to get the missing product.

Here is Day 4 - Believe in the Magic

For this one I used the photo of Domenic and Santa (taken way back in the 70's). Dom got such a kick out of this one! I used Tim's seasonal grungeboard for the 'DEC' and the gold alcohol ink mixative to paint it gold. Doesn't it just look awesome? And for the '25' I had white glitter thickers, so I got out my cranberry alcohol ink and coloured over it. And look at the result. Isn't it just great. Those alcohol inks are just spectacular. I love the stuff cause you can do so much with it.

The film strip on the right side is soo cool. I actually had an old unused film canister. I just rolled some out, cut it in half and adhered it to the tag. It just adds that authentic vintage feel to the tag, along with the old photo. Man, I love Tim Holtz for all the ideas and inspiration.

I originally made these tags to attach to gifts with some ribbon, but I've just changed my mind. I love them so much I'm going to use them as ornaments on our Christmas tree!!

On another note, yesterday I tried to get a photo of my two kids together to take a nice photo with their xmas hats on! Hmph, what a joke. Xavier wouldn't cooperate, and Elisa refused to keep the hat on. These are the photos I managed to capture:

Xavier refusing to smile for the camera! As usual these days... argghhh

Elisa posing but refusing to let me clean up her face and put her xmas hat on... double arghhhh..

Ahhh, kids... you gotta love 'em.

Just think, ten more sleeps until Christmas. Yippee!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Days 8 & 10 - Tim Holtz's 12 Days of Christmas

I cannot tell you how much fun I'm having playing with my new products and using all kinds of new and awesome techniques. If you haven't already seen Tim Holtz's blog, you must. He not only tells you what products to use and where to get them, but also shows step-by-step photos of how to make each and every one.

My version of Tim's "Day 10" tag:

My version of Tim's "Day 8" tag:

I love the vintage, grungy feel to these tags and I love all the product on them! My only problem was using the crackle paint. For whatever reason it just sort of seemed to clump as opposed to crackle!!! I had to scrap it off and I tried again, but to no avail. You'll notice if you look closely some crackle with a lot of lumps and bumps! Huh... oh well, not everyone can be perfect like Tim. Laugh. I wonder if I was using too much, or perhaps I didn't mix the paint enough before using it. Not quite sure. Geesh, having a one-step crackle paint was supposed to be easy..!

I was going to use them on Christmas gifts, but I think I prefer to leave them on my Christmas tree where I can admire them! I just love looking and touching one of my finished products. I get such satisfaction when I manage to get a project done. Yes, a I lead a life of small pleasure.

I'm on the next one.. A snowman with lots of crackle paint, oh my! I wonder if I can manage to get it to crackle this time. Maybe I should email Tim for some advice... Laugh. Like the man has time for my piddly little troubles. Did I already mention, when I grow up I want to be like Tim.

Gotta go, my head is starting to spin....



Christmas Surprise


This is a picture of my husband Domenic making a visit to Santa when he was about Elisa's age!!! Isn't this the cutest picture ever!

I love how Domenic looks terrified. If you look closely, Dom is trying to run away, and Santa is hanging on to his coat sleeve to keep him from getting away!!! Both the looks on Dom's face and Santa's face are priceless. Even Santa looks perturbed!!

Funny, the photo was taken at what was then Simpsons (now the Bay). That totally dates this photo. I remember the days when my sister used to work at Simpsons.

Did I tell you I'm working on my Tim Holtz "12 tags of Christmas"... I've so far completed two. I'll post these later today. I'm hoping to get one more done by the end of the day..

I'll be using this photo of Dom with Santa to complete Day Four, another Tim Holtz tag. You gotta visit his blog, the man is just an absolute creative genius. I love his projects and his products, and especially appreciate his tutorials on how to use it all and pull it all together. Such a generous spirit. This is a picture of Tim's "Day Four", see photo below:

I'll attach it to his Christmas gift. I think he'll get a good chuckle out of it. Despite the shaking of his head when it comes to my scrapbooking mania, he enjoys it.
Yesterday I made a visit to my LSS, Bizzy B's Stamp & Scrap, and made some purchases! I bought Distress Stickles in every colour, perfect pearls, seasonal grungeboard, and Distress Ink. Love love love nothing more than spending a couple of hours in my favorite LSS. A beautiful way to spend my Saturday morning.
Have a great day y'all.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Little Gypsey

It doesn't matter how much money I spend on Elisa's pretty dresses; regardless of the amount of pretty, sparkly shoes she has; or how many cute little clips I put in her hair; or all the dollys and babies she has; Elisa always manages to look like a gypsey. Just look at her with her butt in the air, thank goodness for diaper covers and ruffles. Could this photo be any cuter. This sums up my little girl's personality. All girl, with a lot of spunk and ok, a little rough around the edges. Smile. Rather than play with her babies, she naturally gravitates towards helmuts, trucks, scooters, and super heroes. Oh my! I guess this is what happens when little girls grow up with their five year old brothers! Little squirts.

This page was a quickie! I didn't have the time to enjoy the scrapbooking process of playing with paper, and embellishments, and all the good stuff. So I kept it neat, simple, and clean. I used the following for this page:
  • Heidi Swapp: green chandelier crystal
  • American Crafts: brown cardstock and canary vinyl thickers
  • Bazzill: blue cardstock

  • Offray: brown ribbon

  • Crop-a-dile: to punch holes around the cardstock (finally used my big bite, so easy and fun)

That's all she wrote folks. Got too much around the house going on, so we'll chat later!! Laugh.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two New Pages

Here are my two latest pages:


THE EX (no not my ex-hubby, or ex-boyfriend, but the Toronto National Exhibition!)

I was playing with my ATC's last night and completed a few. More later.