Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yo-Yo's, Buttons and Garlands

I was feeling crafty lastnight so I put the little one to nap and ran downstairs to find my fabric, felt, scissors, and DMC floss. I went to a few of my favorite blogs and printed out a few projects to work on.
My first was my attempt at making "yo-yo's'. Below is a photo of how pretty they can look. You can use them on scrapbook pages with the addition of a brad, or adorn a hat, or attach them and make a blanket. Or anything you want really. I got this from Heather Bailey's blog, and I've included a link below with the instructions on how to make these pretty little things.

OK - now here is my version of these funky little do-dads, er, um, I mean, yo-yo's!! But they looked so easy to make!!! It really couldn't have been simpler. But how come mine don't look like hers! Hmph. They look a little too messy! Oh well, I'm gonna use them anyway.

Since, my yo-yo's weren't coming out as I'd hoped, I attempted my second project. Making my own fabric covered brads. I'm much prouder of my results. My most favorite embellishment are brads. I use them on almost every project so this little project was right up my alley. Below is how Laura Gunns brads look. Along with a description of how to make them from her blog.


And here are my fabric covered buttons! Aren't they cute. I plan to use these on my scrapbook pages too!

So now I was on a roll, and I attempted one more project: a felt garland. Yes, a felt garland. But mine will be a blanket, not for my scrap pages. Look how pretty Anna Maria Horners looks, see below. Isn't it just the cutest thing. I've also included the link to her blog with instructions on how to make this baby.


And here is the photo of mine. Cute or what. I'm going to do a mixture of light pink, dark pink, and white felt circles.

After all that, I think I'll just stick to my scrapbooking. Although, it was fun to try something new. Now I REALLY better go do some laundry before all we have to wear is our underwear!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the piles, I just can't stand it. If only I had a magic wand and make it all just disappear.

I wonder why Domenic wonders what I do with my time??? hmmm, I wonder.... Smile.

Have a great crafty day.


p.s. I'm off to a card making class tonight with a neighbour friend of mine. Yeah-whoooo!!!!!

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