Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hip Hip Horray - I'm Done!

So here are the final photos of my 'Just Us' mini. Phew - that only took a few months to make. Geesh! I'm quite proud of it though. It was fun cause it brough me back in time and flooded me with memories of places we used to go, things we used to do and say! It was a great way to 'renew the woo', if you know what I mean!! I showed it to Dom, and he just grinned and smiled as he flipped through it. The grin was one of either two things: 1) he really loved it 2) he was just thinking about how much money I had spent on making it!!!!! I'm sure it was actually a bit of both.

Here are a few shots of my last few pages....

Our wedding day at St. Brigid's Church, and a photo of us on our honeymoon in the Bahamas! I used all Amy Butler on the left page, and Jenny Bowlen Bingo card, with a Bo Bunny rub-on.

This was one of our first outtings as a married couple. Gosh, we were so cute!! LOL

And a page dedicated to our very first baby, our furry baby, that is. Our Samson. And we thought 'potty' training him was tough.... we had nooooooo idea.

Our first home where we would start our family. Finally used my KI Memories fabric paper and embossed paper. The home sweet home letters are Making Memories.

A note to my children about how excited we were to start a family. Here I tried my hand at hand stitching. I added a flower centre and a bird die-cut both from Amy Butler.

A photo of our family. This was our first day of brining Elisa home from the hospital. On the next page I created a page pocket to hold some love letters and poems Domenic 'used' to hand write me allllll the time. Man, I miss those random love notes.... good thing I kept them!

I created another little page pocket to hold all other little memorabilia like the cards that were sent with flowers, movie stubs, tickets to Stratford Festival. All the things that meant something special to us. That bird is from Making Memories clear stamp, the embossed sticker from Amy Butler, and the stamp from Kelly Panacci.

All in all, I'm glad I put this together for the kids. I think (I hope) they'll appreciate it when they're older. If anything they can laugh at how we have changed over the years... and give them a glimpse of the lives of their parents, before kids and responsibility!!!

FINALLY DONE... on to my next project!

Have a great day!


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