Sunday, November 2, 2008

Collages Galore!

I'm on a collage making frenzy! I'm going to collage every picture in sight! This is just too much fun! Ok, I know, I'm crazy. Simple pleasures, what can I say!

I read the recent Scrapbooks Etc magazine and there were a bunch of free collage downloads which started this collage mania for me.

Here are a few I'll be scrapping - when I can find some free time. I'm hoping to kick the family out today so I can have some free time. Smile.

Take a look!

This was our family day at the Toronto Exhibition this past August:

My little Elisa, no matter how pretty I dress her up, she always manages to look like a gypsy! My little tomboy:

Some of my very favorite shots of Samson - only because they're soooo funny. Yes, I admit it, my dog loves stinky feet and I don't know why!:

Elisa enjoying a beautiful fall day, whilst sporting a toddler injury on her forehead. Just one of her many tumbles that resulted in almost requiring stitches:

These will be my next few projects. It saves time in having to crop and resize the photos on my own. I don't have to cut any photos down and worry about getting them straight. This will save me sooo much time so I can scrap more pages. And I love it cause I always have such a hard time choosing just one photo. Now I can display all the ones I love on one page.

Better go do some laundry. Woowhooo! Another fun Sunday morning date with me and the washing machine!!! Oh the piles that await me! Sigh. Very long siiiiiighhhhh.

Until next time my friends!


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