Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Already...

Geesh, how time really flies! Halloween just over and already the stores have put out their Christmas gear. Man, we've barely had time to throw out our pumpkins!

I've yet to create any more 12" x 12" pages these days, but I have managed to get the bulk of my 'Just Us' mini complete. All I have to include is a copy of my wedding invitation and it's a done deal. I'm so happy with it. I love the last few pages and I will post them as I get more free time.

I was just browsing some of my favorite paper manufacturers, like October Afternoon and I couldn't resist posting their newest product line, Good Cheer! It's just so cute. I absolutely adore October afternoon. On my last project I used their Detours Collection. Such an awesome company.

Here are their Good Cheer products some of which I plan to purchase as soon as I can:

Elisa, is getting quite the attitude these days. She speaks up when she wants to be heard, and is beginning to fight to get her own way. The other day she had a tantrum when I told her it was nap time. In protest, she threw her plastic little Barney at me! Hmph! Can you cope? I'm starting to get the feeling this ain't gonna get any easier!!! She'll be two in February, so the terrible twos are upon us early. Ah kids, can't live without 'em, and you can't throw them out the window. Smile.

Here are some really cute shots I got of her outside enjoying the brisk November weather.

This is Xavier, out on the very same day, and time, only without hat, or jacket, or shoes even. He always says he's just too hot to wear a jacket. And how in the world do I get him to put his shoes on? I guess when his toes start to fall off from frost bite, he'll put 'em on. Laugh! Here he's helping Quinn, our neighbour clean up his front yard. He sure is a good little helper though. Now if only I could get him to clean his room!!

On another note, here are some purchases I made from Two Peas In a Bucket:
Amy Butler Butterflies Die Cut 12x12 Tea Box Paper. I'd seen this earlier and fell in love instantly. IRL these butterflies are just so much more beautiful. This post doesn't do them justice and you can't see all the embossing and the vibrant colours. Can't can't can't wait to use these on one of my next projects.

Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Die Cut Cardstock Ephemera. My gawd. You should see these. They're vintage looking tags, and all kinds of neat things.
Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Floral Grand Adhesion Stickers. Again, IRL these flowers are all glittered up with rhinestones and all sparkly. This photo is really drab compared to what they really look like.

Amy Butler Lotus Words & Butterflies Rub Ons w/ Gems. Need I say more?!?!?

Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Chipboard Alphabet Box. I used these already for my 'Berry Sweet' page. Lots left for more delicious pages.
Off to let's see, what are my options, hmmm, scrap book, or laundry, or wash the dishes, or take a nap? Hmmmmmmm that's easy! Off to my scrapping hole!
Adios Amigos!

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