Saturday, November 29, 2008


What a shopping spree. I've never seen so much product in one room! It was a huge warehouse choc full of scrapping goodness. It was a scrapbookers dream. As soon as I entered I was like a mad woman on a mission! I went straight to work searching out some of my favorite manufacturers and products.

Here's how I made out:

American Crafts: Thickers galore
I made a point of buying different coloured alphas, and not stick to my usual pink and black. Look at these gorgeous colours. These weren't marked down but I couldn't help but indulge myself with these.

Scenic Route: These 7" cirlce chipboard minis were an awesome deal, as were the chipboard alphas. Can't wait to start on these ones..

Heidi Swapp: The best deal of the night was all the Heidi Swapp product. Major deals to be had here. I got so much stuff and I only wish I had bought more! Nothing here was more than $2.00. Can you cope! I nearly bought these full price at my local LSS. Good thing I 'some' self restraint and waited for the sale. Phew.

Autumn Leaves: These stamp sets were on sale as well. I couldn't pass them up.

Melissa Frances: I have been looking for Melissa Frances product but could only find it on-line. So glad I could finally get my hands on these. Beauty, love the vintage feel.

7 Gypsey's: I just love everything this company makes. Just some fun embellishments, and fun stuff for my ATC collection (that I've yet to start making LOL).

Prima: There weren't great deals on Prima product but I did manage to get myself some chipboard that I've been wanting for a long time, and some pretty vintage looking flowers.

Basic Grey: and last but not least, there was tons and tons of Basic Grey product available but I only got a couple of things; the dark chocolate chipboard album and some really great rub-ons.

Ahhhhhh. Nothing better than a good shop. I call this my Christmas present to myself. Laugh. My hubby on the otherhand ain't laughing!!! He just shakes his head. Men just don't get it. Well at least my man doesn't. It's the thrill of creating something extraordinary, the joy of feeling papers in your hands, and using gorgeous products, but ultimately the pure thrill of just creating. Art for arts sake. That's what it's all about.

Today I REALLY hope Domenic will take the kids out so I can do a quick clean up of the house, and then go to my basement to PLAY. Ohh I just can't wait to go through my stuff.

OK, yeah, yeah, only another scrapper will ever really understand the thrill.

Ciao for now!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Santa Claus

My Xavey-baby had his photo taken with Santa Claus at school a couple of weeks ago and I finally got a copy of it today. He looks very calm and relaxed sitting there on his lap. Unlike last year, when he didn't want anything to do with Santa! My little muchkin.

I'll have to get a photo taken with Elisa and Santa too - we'll have to go to the mall for this one! She'll have no problem with Santa, little Miss Socialite. She's the most friendly, happy little girl ever.

For all those living in Toronto, and if you're a scrap-a-holic like myself, then you must check out this event, see the flyer below:

I'm going Friday night and I just can't wait to get my hands on some great products on sale. I'll fill you in on my purchases on Saturday.

I've totally reorganized my scrapping area aka basement-hole-in-the-wall and I'm quite pleased with it. I have arranged different working areas, one for cutting, one for embossing, one for my paper storage, and my table for working on. I even rearranged all my do-dads on my Clip-It-Up! into alphas; stickers; rub-ons; and the top tier for miscellaneous 'stuff'.

Being organized just makes me so happy. Clutter and disarray just make my brain go crazy.

Little by little our basement gets cozier and cozier, despite the 1970's tile, wall paneling (yuck!), and kitchen! But oh well, at least I have a space of my own to hide in and create. I'm not however, brave enough to post pictures of it. Maybe when we do some remodelling to it! Laugh!

Hasta lo huego!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yes, I'm addicted to Diet Coke. I'm trying to break the habit but it's been tough. I have read up on the effects of aspartame and it's ain't pretty, suffice to say, it's toxic shite.

So, in an effort to break free I'm going to drink my regular Coke. Yeah, I know all the sugar, it's just as bad. But one a day won't kill me until I can weane myself off that too. Don't know if it's possible but I'm going to give it a try.

Just the thought of a REALLLLLLY cold coke (diet coke), with a slice of lemon or lime, and tons of ice cubes just gets me soooo excited. There's nothing better than that. Well maybe a drinking it right out of the ultra really cold can. Or well except maybe having some regular rippled chips with it (reduced salt version of course). I can't seem to drink any soda unless it is so cold it freezes your innards!!!! I just find it so much more satisfying this way. Hmm I fell a page idea coming on..! NOO, not about my forzen innards. Laugh. But about my addiction to Diet Coke, silly.

Ummmm, going to get me some... be right back. Smile.

....ahhhhhhhhhhh that's soo much better.

I bought the Karen Foster advent calendar. It's so cute. I decorated each drawer with my own stash of xmas papers, and it looks sooo nice. I've made this as a gift for my little buddies Jakson and Ceanna who live down the street from us. I'll give it to them before December so they can count down the days to Christmas. I'll have to fill it up with some yummy goodies first. I think they're really enjoy it. They're such sweet kids.

Xavier and Elisa have a Spiderman advent calendar, one that they BOTH love. Yes, they BOTH love. My little girl loves Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, and Ironman. Gee, I wonder why? Smile.

I'm off to put the little one down for a nap. Yippee.. love this time of day.

There, now that she's asleep I can finally post this..
Question: why is it that if my kids aren't in it, they're on top of it, if not on top of it, then they're breaking it... ? I just don't get it.
Here are a few shots of trouble 1 and trouble 2 reaking havoc in my house. Yes, that's Xavier teaching Elisa to stand on top of the chairs. So they can both break their necks.... arrrgh.

And Elisa making herself at home in my laundry basket. Shortly after this she abandoned the basket for a romp in my cupboards..... double arrrrgh..

Love 'em every single minute of every single day...!

Oh yeah, did I tell you I made my Christmas cards... but I'll save that for another day..

Adios folks.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hip Hip Horray - I'm Done!

So here are the final photos of my 'Just Us' mini. Phew - that only took a few months to make. Geesh! I'm quite proud of it though. It was fun cause it brough me back in time and flooded me with memories of places we used to go, things we used to do and say! It was a great way to 'renew the woo', if you know what I mean!! I showed it to Dom, and he just grinned and smiled as he flipped through it. The grin was one of either two things: 1) he really loved it 2) he was just thinking about how much money I had spent on making it!!!!! I'm sure it was actually a bit of both.

Here are a few shots of my last few pages....

Our wedding day at St. Brigid's Church, and a photo of us on our honeymoon in the Bahamas! I used all Amy Butler on the left page, and Jenny Bowlen Bingo card, with a Bo Bunny rub-on.

This was one of our first outtings as a married couple. Gosh, we were so cute!! LOL

And a page dedicated to our very first baby, our furry baby, that is. Our Samson. And we thought 'potty' training him was tough.... we had nooooooo idea.

Our first home where we would start our family. Finally used my KI Memories fabric paper and embossed paper. The home sweet home letters are Making Memories.

A note to my children about how excited we were to start a family. Here I tried my hand at hand stitching. I added a flower centre and a bird die-cut both from Amy Butler.

A photo of our family. This was our first day of brining Elisa home from the hospital. On the next page I created a page pocket to hold some love letters and poems Domenic 'used' to hand write me allllll the time. Man, I miss those random love notes.... good thing I kept them!

I created another little page pocket to hold all other little memorabilia like the cards that were sent with flowers, movie stubs, tickets to Stratford Festival. All the things that meant something special to us. That bird is from Making Memories clear stamp, the embossed sticker from Amy Butler, and the stamp from Kelly Panacci.

All in all, I'm glad I put this together for the kids. I think (I hope) they'll appreciate it when they're older. If anything they can laugh at how we have changed over the years... and give them a glimpse of the lives of their parents, before kids and responsibility!!!

FINALLY DONE... on to my next project!

Have a great day!


Yo-Yo's, Buttons and Garlands

I was feeling crafty lastnight so I put the little one to nap and ran downstairs to find my fabric, felt, scissors, and DMC floss. I went to a few of my favorite blogs and printed out a few projects to work on.
My first was my attempt at making "yo-yo's'. Below is a photo of how pretty they can look. You can use them on scrapbook pages with the addition of a brad, or adorn a hat, or attach them and make a blanket. Or anything you want really. I got this from Heather Bailey's blog, and I've included a link below with the instructions on how to make these pretty little things.

OK - now here is my version of these funky little do-dads, er, um, I mean, yo-yo's!! But they looked so easy to make!!! It really couldn't have been simpler. But how come mine don't look like hers! Hmph. They look a little too messy! Oh well, I'm gonna use them anyway.

Since, my yo-yo's weren't coming out as I'd hoped, I attempted my second project. Making my own fabric covered brads. I'm much prouder of my results. My most favorite embellishment are brads. I use them on almost every project so this little project was right up my alley. Below is how Laura Gunns brads look. Along with a description of how to make them from her blog.

And here are my fabric covered buttons! Aren't they cute. I plan to use these on my scrapbook pages too!

So now I was on a roll, and I attempted one more project: a felt garland. Yes, a felt garland. But mine will be a blanket, not for my scrap pages. Look how pretty Anna Maria Horners looks, see below. Isn't it just the cutest thing. I've also included the link to her blog with instructions on how to make this baby.

And here is the photo of mine. Cute or what. I'm going to do a mixture of light pink, dark pink, and white felt circles.

After all that, I think I'll just stick to my scrapbooking. Although, it was fun to try something new. Now I REALLY better go do some laundry before all we have to wear is our underwear!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the piles, I just can't stand it. If only I had a magic wand and make it all just disappear.

I wonder why Domenic wonders what I do with my time??? hmmm, I wonder.... Smile.

Have a great crafty day.


p.s. I'm off to a card making class tonight with a neighbour friend of mine. Yeah-whoooo!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Already...

Geesh, how time really flies! Halloween just over and already the stores have put out their Christmas gear. Man, we've barely had time to throw out our pumpkins!

I've yet to create any more 12" x 12" pages these days, but I have managed to get the bulk of my 'Just Us' mini complete. All I have to include is a copy of my wedding invitation and it's a done deal. I'm so happy with it. I love the last few pages and I will post them as I get more free time.

I was just browsing some of my favorite paper manufacturers, like October Afternoon and I couldn't resist posting their newest product line, Good Cheer! It's just so cute. I absolutely adore October afternoon. On my last project I used their Detours Collection. Such an awesome company.

Here are their Good Cheer products some of which I plan to purchase as soon as I can:

Elisa, is getting quite the attitude these days. She speaks up when she wants to be heard, and is beginning to fight to get her own way. The other day she had a tantrum when I told her it was nap time. In protest, she threw her plastic little Barney at me! Hmph! Can you cope? I'm starting to get the feeling this ain't gonna get any easier!!! She'll be two in February, so the terrible twos are upon us early. Ah kids, can't live without 'em, and you can't throw them out the window. Smile.

Here are some really cute shots I got of her outside enjoying the brisk November weather.

This is Xavier, out on the very same day, and time, only without hat, or jacket, or shoes even. He always says he's just too hot to wear a jacket. And how in the world do I get him to put his shoes on? I guess when his toes start to fall off from frost bite, he'll put 'em on. Laugh! Here he's helping Quinn, our neighbour clean up his front yard. He sure is a good little helper though. Now if only I could get him to clean his room!!

On another note, here are some purchases I made from Two Peas In a Bucket:
Amy Butler Butterflies Die Cut 12x12 Tea Box Paper. I'd seen this earlier and fell in love instantly. IRL these butterflies are just so much more beautiful. This post doesn't do them justice and you can't see all the embossing and the vibrant colours. Can't can't can't wait to use these on one of my next projects.

Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Die Cut Cardstock Ephemera. My gawd. You should see these. They're vintage looking tags, and all kinds of neat things.
Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Floral Grand Adhesion Stickers. Again, IRL these flowers are all glittered up with rhinestones and all sparkly. This photo is really drab compared to what they really look like.

Amy Butler Lotus Words & Butterflies Rub Ons w/ Gems. Need I say more?!?!?

Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Chipboard Alphabet Box. I used these already for my 'Berry Sweet' page. Lots left for more delicious pages.
Off to let's see, what are my options, hmmm, scrap book, or laundry, or wash the dishes, or take a nap? Hmmmmmmm that's easy! Off to my scrapping hole!
Adios Amigos!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Collages Galore!

I'm on a collage making frenzy! I'm going to collage every picture in sight! This is just too much fun! Ok, I know, I'm crazy. Simple pleasures, what can I say!

I read the recent Scrapbooks Etc magazine and there were a bunch of free collage downloads which started this collage mania for me.

Here are a few I'll be scrapping - when I can find some free time. I'm hoping to kick the family out today so I can have some free time. Smile.

Take a look!

This was our family day at the Toronto Exhibition this past August:

My little Elisa, no matter how pretty I dress her up, she always manages to look like a gypsy! My little tomboy:

Some of my very favorite shots of Samson - only because they're soooo funny. Yes, I admit it, my dog loves stinky feet and I don't know why!:

Elisa enjoying a beautiful fall day, whilst sporting a toddler injury on her forehead. Just one of her many tumbles that resulted in almost requiring stitches:

These will be my next few projects. It saves time in having to crop and resize the photos on my own. I don't have to cut any photos down and worry about getting them straight. This will save me sooo much time so I can scrap more pages. And I love it cause I always have such a hard time choosing just one photo. Now I can display all the ones I love on one page.

Better go do some laundry. Woowhooo! Another fun Sunday morning date with me and the washing machine!!! Oh the piles that await me! Sigh. Very long siiiiiighhhhh.

Until next time my friends!