Monday, October 6, 2008

Another page for my mini.

Ok folks, I know this is getting somewhat boring, just looking at photos of me and my hubby. And frankly, I'm getting antsy to start scrapping something else. I've printed up a bunch of photos of my kiddos, my dog, and our home. So, on to a few new projects.

I've done so much scrapbook shopping that it's getting ridiculous. I'm at the point where I'm getting overwhelmed when I start a page, because literally, I don't know where to start. I have 8 cropper hoppers full of patterned paper, and a clip-it-up and tons of drawers full of embellishment. Phew! Not to mention my scrapping hole aka the basement where I srap, really needs to be reorganized so I can use my space efficiently, and hopefully become a less stressed out scrapper.

As of today, I will not be buying anymore scrapping goodies until I have used up most of most recent purchases! "Yeah right? I wish", is what my Domenic is thinking, but it's true. I can't handle any more 'stuff' until I get my current 'stuff' in order. Clutter and having too much makes my head spin. I need to declutter, reorganize, and USE more of my stuff before I buy any more. Or if one thing comes in, one must go out. How's that for a rule!

Here's Domenic on one of our Muskoka Sands resort escapades. Isn't he a total cutie, with that dark curly hair, beautiful olive complexion, and gorgeous smile. I remember the one very first thing I fell in love with Domenic was his smile. He light up the room and my heart with that smile. LOL how cheesy is that, but true! And then I fell in love with his lips, and his big, strong hands. In that order. Dom if you're reading this, nothing has changed! Smile.

Catch ya later!


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