Friday, October 31, 2008


Today the kids got to wear their costumes to school and parade around the older kids classrooms showing off their wears! Xavier said they got to play Bingo, they danced, and they even did the limbo!!! His knapsack was full of goodies like pencils, notebooks, a yo-yo, toys, all Halloween related.. So needless to say, he had a blast. He came out of class so happy. I love seeing him so happy. It warms the cockles of my heart - LAUGH.
Here are a few pics of our little guys at school:

Marcus as Harry Potter and Xavier as Spiderman (underneath the coat!!), and Elisa as a little lamb (she would not put her hat on with the ears!!).
Elisa lining up for school like she sees the kids do every day - all ready and rearing to go to school. She is so entertaining!

My little lamb with her funny hair. The costume feet made her slip on the hardwood floor in our living room and she took a tumble. You can see the bump on her forhead next to the scar from when she fell and hit her noggen on the verandah railing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor baby girl lamb!!

Mrs. Shearham, who is always dressed up in leather and funky clothes. Today she added the orange and black stockings, and some spray paint in her hair. She is such a hoot. Love love love those 4 inch heels (one of her pairs that she wears everyday!! imagine that!)

This is Mr. Murphy, who holds the door open for the kids every morning. The goofball scared the heck out of Chloe who started crying and wanted to go home! Soooo funny!!

There was also a Barbie witch all dressed up in glittery pink, and a scary witch with orange (sexy) fishnet stockings. Man oh man. I love Halloween. It is such a ball of fun in the school yard. There was energy in the air, with the excitement and anticipation of trick or treating. Boy do I ever remember those days.

Unfortunately I do not have any photos of our trick or treating days with my brothers and sister. So, I am so happy to be able to do this for Xavier and Elisa. It is such an important and memorable part of their growing up. I want them always to remember the fun and joy and of course the spookyness of Halloween. BOO!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'Berry' Sweet

My sweeet little Elisa, just hanging out with her bestest friend Ceanna munching on strawberries. There's nothing cuter than two little girls, all dressed in pink, one in pink converse all stars and the other in her pink tutu! Gotta love everything girly! The world is a better place with little girls in it. Smile.

PP - Anna Griffin, how gorgeous! just LOVE it x10
chipboard alphas - Amy Butler, Lotus
crushed velvet paper - Doodlebug designs (I love this so much Ive used it on almost everything
white thread - DMC
black glitter alphas - Making Memories (I have these in EVERY colour, love these too)

Thanks for looking!

Have an awesome day.


Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is my most recent page called, 'Discover'.

These are some of my favorite photos of Elisa. She's wearing a pinefore I purchased from Lassie Girl on It is the single most adorable outfit I have ever seen. It fit her perfectly and she was so comfortable in it. Of course her Aunt Felicia bought her a gold pair of ballet slippers to match. Gosh, was she ever cute. If you have a little girl, you must check out the childrens clothing on, they're so unique and are all handmade. I went a little crazy and also ordered a cute little summer dress from Rae Gun also on Etsy, that she wore all summer too. I'm crazy about these outfits and can't wait to see what they come up with for this fall and winter.

Yet once again, I lifted Christine Middlecamps design from her Messy Boy page. I love the look of her pages and I just can't help but want to try them out. When I grow up, I want to scrapbook like Christine! Laugh.

I call this page, "Discover". Elisa is into everything. She wants to climb, run, jump, touch everything and anything. She's testing out her capabilities as well as her surroundings and it's all just so much fun watching her learn and grow. She's such a doll, and such a joy to have in our lives. I count my lucky stars everyday, all day, for my children (despite the moaning and groaning I do most days!!).

I love this page - everything about it, especially the Hambly gold screen print, the use of my gold pens and my souffle pens, my velvet pink paper... this was so much fun to create. Yeah it's busy - ain't it great! I love tons of 'stuff' on my pages. It's a heavy page with tons of texture and eye candy. Love, love, love it.

Thanks Christine for the constant source of inspiration.
Gosh, I'm off to bed. It's now 1:53 a.m. and I'm pretty exhausted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Full Of Energy

Here is my latest layout using some of my most favorite recent patterned paper and do-dad purchases! This page is a take on Christine Middlecamp's layout, "Full of Wonder". Her page is the 'Louis Vuitton' of layouts, next to my fake Louis! LOL. But I love it just the same! Smile.

There are a ton of good stuff on this page:

Doodlebug Designs - pink velvet paper (at the far right), black glitter paper (under flower)
Making Memories - circle black/pink flocked circles, and scalloped square (just above the four photos)
K & Company - pink glitter paper right beside the 4' x 6' photo

Hambly - gold and pink screen prints
7 Gypsies - screen print above the flower
Martha Stewart - gold borders
Making Memories - blue glitter alphas (on top of dollar store foam black alphas)
Amy Butler - fabric covered button
Cavallini and Co. - "the world" sticker
Flower - blue from Petaloo
Kelly Panacci - clear stamp (below the flower)

The papers on this page are such a delight to the senses, with all the glitter and softness of the velvet paper. Gawd, I could spend a million dollars on patterned and specialty papers alone. I would have bought one in every colour of the Doodlebug velvet papers but my budget could only afford the pink, red, black and white. Of the glitter paper I got the black, green, blue.

Oh, how simple my life is that patterned paper can bring me such bliss!

Have a wonderful day, one and all...


Monday, October 6, 2008

Another page for my mini.

Ok folks, I know this is getting somewhat boring, just looking at photos of me and my hubby. And frankly, I'm getting antsy to start scrapping something else. I've printed up a bunch of photos of my kiddos, my dog, and our home. So, on to a few new projects.

I've done so much scrapbook shopping that it's getting ridiculous. I'm at the point where I'm getting overwhelmed when I start a page, because literally, I don't know where to start. I have 8 cropper hoppers full of patterned paper, and a clip-it-up and tons of drawers full of embellishment. Phew! Not to mention my scrapping hole aka the basement where I srap, really needs to be reorganized so I can use my space efficiently, and hopefully become a less stressed out scrapper.

As of today, I will not be buying anymore scrapping goodies until I have used up most of most recent purchases! "Yeah right? I wish", is what my Domenic is thinking, but it's true. I can't handle any more 'stuff' until I get my current 'stuff' in order. Clutter and having too much makes my head spin. I need to declutter, reorganize, and USE more of my stuff before I buy any more. Or if one thing comes in, one must go out. How's that for a rule!

Here's Domenic on one of our Muskoka Sands resort escapades. Isn't he a total cutie, with that dark curly hair, beautiful olive complexion, and gorgeous smile. I remember the one very first thing I fell in love with Domenic was his smile. He light up the room and my heart with that smile. LOL how cheesy is that, but true! And then I fell in love with his lips, and his big, strong hands. In that order. Dom if you're reading this, nothing has changed! Smile.

Catch ya later!