Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A GIRL, yes a GIRL

Well, here are photos of my little girl. Now she really looks like a girl. Without her earrings I was always asked, "how old is he?", or she was called, "hey there little fella"!!! Despite all the pink clothes, the clips in her hair, my pink Bugaboo - it didn't matter, they still mistook her as a boy! Go figure. My little baby!

She was such a good girl. She cried for literally 5 seconds, she dug her head into my chest and then she was fine. She walked out smiling. They seem to be doing fine, no redness, and she's been pretty good about not touching them. I already have three pairs of earrings that I can't wait to put on her. Doc says to wait 6 weeks before switching them. In the meantime, I have to keep them clean, and swab with alchohol to avoid infection! My little baby!

I remember getting mine done at my doctors office. I remember harassing my mom to get my ears pierced. I was about 7, or maybe younger. You know I'll be documenting this event for Elisa. It's a right-of-passage into girlhood. Or a form of mutilation, as my husband calls it! He was nervous about her getting it done so early. Laugh.
Have an awesome day!

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