Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So here is my latest project that I've had sitting around for ages. It's called Stitch-A-Photo by DMC. Stitch-a-Photo can turn virtually any picture into a charted graph ready for you to cross stitch. It's a great way to get pictures out of your album and onto your wall! Photos of children, pets, family or friends, even antique photos all look great cross stitched! You'll receive a charted graph complete with a reference key right at the very top listing DMC thread numbers. You'll even find an exact count of how many skeins of each DMC thread colour you'll need!

The Photo of Elisa:

The Floss Colour Key they sent back to me:

For those of you who are not into embroidery and are thinking, "um'kay, why not just frame the dang photo, why go through all that trouble to replicate it with needle and thread??!". Because it's fun and it's a beautiful heirloom piece that was made by hand. I think it's such a fab idea.

I'm finding that I need more activities to keep me from getting bored. Being out of the work force for almost two years now, and dealing with kids, diapers, temper tantrums, and walks in the park, I can literally feel my brain turning to mush..!!! I'm an Aquarian, so I really crave mental stimulation. Be it reading a few new books, learning a new hobby, taking some courses, or whatever. Just as long as it keeps my mind from getting dull.

So far I have the following things on the go:

a) cross stitching (the above project)

b) re-visiting my embroidery hobby. I started when Xavier was born, and then let it go after he was born! I still have some gorgeous unfinished projects I'd really like to complete.

c) and I'd some day soon like to get back to school. I have my B.A. in Italian and Anthropology, and my Bachelor of Education (intermediate/senior division) in Italian and Social Sciences. I would love to go back to University of Toronto to get my Masters in Education. Right now I'm in the research mode deciding on what area of study I want to concentrate on, but I think I'm leaning towards curriculum development. This is one of my ultimate goals to achieve within the next few years. Keeping my fingers crossed.

d) and I want to learn to sew, and make a quilt.

Hmph... so there.


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