Monday, September 22, 2008

One More Page... only 10 more to go...!!!

1st Day of Fall today - can you believe that! I so love autumn days.

Geesh, this mini book is going to take me forever to complete. I have all the photos I want to include but man, there ain't enough time in a day to spend doing this. Not with two young kids tuckering me out, and zapping the last little drops of energy I have.

Dom and I were killing ourselves laughing this morning whilst flipping through some of the photos I've chosen to include in this mini. Oh the beauty of being young, in love, skinny, and child free! Life was so incredibly different than it is now. I miss those lazy, carefree, and easy days of nothing to worry about. Always ready at the spur of the moment to do something new and crazy. Being married, a mortgage, and two kids has a way of changing your life (not to mention my once perky boobs and my tiny waistline). Laugh.

In this photo we're enjoying at day at Lake Simcoe, back in the day when my mom still had her cottage. It was a sunny, bright beautiful day. We brought ourselves a big blanket, a picnic, some drinks, and we just hung out until the sun went down. Talking, napping, giggling, smooching and cuddling.

Makes me Remember why I married Dom-in-ichi in the first place. Laugh. Smile. Hence, the 'remember' tag. Smile again.

The pp's are by October Afternoon, Detour Collection. The Remember tag pulls out to reveal my journaling (of which I haven't done yet).

Have a beautiful 'fall' day!


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