Friday, September 5, 2008


Here is my take on Creative Therapy Catalyst #25, "What is something you fear?". If you're a scrapper you must check out this website. It's giving me an opportunity to scrap about myself. I'm finding I'm scrapping pages about everyone else except for me. The point of me scrapping is for future generations to know 'us', and therefore I must include myself.

The journaling reads:
"I fear waking up to blindness. I fear losing my vision in my one ‘good’ eye. I fear waking up one day and not being able to see the light of day. I fear not being able to see my children’s faces. I fear not being able to look into my husband’s eyes. I fear being paralyzed by darkness. I fear that I may have an accident that will take my vision away. I fear getting old when there will be nothing I or any doctor can do to restore eventual vision loss.

I have had this fear ever since I was three when I accidentally hurt my right eye which left me virtually no vision at all. I fear having to use a cane. I fear needing a vision dog. It’s an ongoing fear that sits in the back of my head that never ever really goes away.

But right now, I rejoice in the glory of light. Right now I see my children’s bright, shining, beautiful, smiling faces. Right now I delight in gazing at my world in all it’s beautiful colours and glory.

Right now when I close my eyes at night I imagine all the things I love in my head: colours, faces, nature and imprint them to memory, lest my ‘good’ eye should fail me, and slip into darkness"

I also like these scrapping prompts because it allows me to journal about the 'real' me and not just the usual, typical type of page showing off your kids and your nifty creative talents. This page was all about the journaling. It was freeing without having to think too much about what colours to use, what embellishments to include. So, if you haven't yet visited, check it out here.
My Creative Imaginations, Easel Albums have arrived and I'm in the works of putting a few mini's together. I'm thinking the following:

"Just Us" - one of just me and Dom and our relationship through the ages... I've hunted up about 20 photos of us, and it's hilarious how we've changed since we started dating. This is going to be a fun one!

"Just Mom" - one for my mother which I will present to her either for her Birthday on Dec 14 or if I need more time on December 25, as her Christmas present. I know she's going to love it.

"Our Family" - one of all of us, including Samson. About our little family of 4, plus one furry guy, our cozy home, our life together and the things we do!
I'm really looking forward to working on these and getting them done so I can display them in the house somewhere. Just love these Easel Frame Albums. Fun, fun, fun.
Have a beautiful day,


Lyn said...

Frannie I can so relate to your post. I can understand your fear totally. My sister poured strong perfume into my left eye when I was young, I was lying on a sofa at the time. My Mothers 'cure' to ease the pain was to place a used teabag over the stinging eye. I didn't realise how little I could see out of that eye until I was in my early twenties, taking off my eye makeup I realised I couldn't see properly when my right eye was closed. So I thought ok I'll get them checked and just get a contact lens for that eye! No no..the optician told me it was damaged beyond repair and I would just have to take real care of my good right eye. Gosh that was a shock...but I've managed fine since then...I use reading glasses now because my right eye has had to do all the work over the years. Isn't it strange that we have both experienced that....spooky even lol!!

Francesca Di Leo said...

livvie, thank you so much for sharing your story. i think i may have just found my 'soul sister'. it's no wonder we've ended up together.

carlanda brown williamson said...

i am sorry girls. sorry frannie about the comment on your girl!! love you. carls