Thursday, September 4, 2008


Our trip over the border was a fun filled day. The drive there was quick and easy but the wait time to cross the border was approximately 45 minutes. The kids were getting a little antsy but they were bearable. We had a nice, big breakfast at Denny's, the kind that you regret eating the minute you're finished, but couldn't help yourself and ate it all anyway. It was great!

We started off at Target. I was so excited about going here expecting to find some really great stuff, but left disappointed. We don't have a Target in Toronto, but we do have a Wall Mart, and that's what it felt like. The scrapping section was non-existant. Disappointing.

We went to both the Galleria Mall, and the Boulevard Mall. We managed to get the kids completely outfitted for school days and fall weather. You know it's funny, the deals weren't all that great, but what I found amazing was the selection of brands that are accessible.

My favorite part of the day was going to the Coach outlet and getting myself a really gorgeous purse, a wristlet, and a key chain. That was my treat to myself.

The very last store we went to was Michaels. What I should have done was have Dom drop me off there at the very start of the day, and leave me there while they shopped the malls. I didn't have enough time at this place. I don't know what the Michael's is like here in Toronto, but the one in Buffalo was awesome. There were isles and isles of stuff. Tons of K & Co, Amy Butler, KI Memories, Martha Stewart, stickers and chipboard letters and on and on and on. I grabbed what I could and left totally disappointed that I didn't get to look at everything at leisure. I had about a half hour there and it wasn't nearly enough time. I was so upset having to leave when I hadn't even seen everything.

My next visit will start off at this store. We're going to try and make another visit at the end of September. Watch out Michael's here I come. Gawd, I'm so pathetic. Give me a Coach purse and some glitter stickers and I'm one happy camper.

So, you're probably saying, "so where's the funny part to this story?". Well, I haven't finished yet!

So, the following Sunday, we woke up to a gorgeous, bright beautiful day. Dom suggests that we take a drive to Niagara Falls and take some nice pics of the kids, and just spend a leisure day there. So, Dom also suggests we take along my sister. Well, so we all load up in the car and about 10 minutes into the drive Fel says, "ohh look I still have my passport with me", and Dom says, "ooh well I still have ours as well", and in unison Dumb and Dumber say, "well then, why don't we take a drive into Buffalo since it's on our way, we can show the falls to the kids another day!!".

So we all agree to make the drive to the border. In the sweltering heat, without anything to drink, after an exhausting day the day before.... when all of a sudden Fel starts to swoon, and sweat, and about to faint, and then finally pukes, thankfully into a plastic bag Dom had sitting around! Then to top it off panic sunk in and she lost total control. No ativan, no gravol. She was a bloody mess. Well we had to stop at the Tim Hortons for a puke break, then Dom starts coughing and getting vomity.

There was no way we were going to make it to Buffalo. We turned back to come back home. Now this time it was my turn. My head started to spin, I was feeling nauseus, I had to close my eyes and just concentrate on not throwing up.

So at this point we're in stop and go traffic, Fel is barfing (that sounds like gurgling), Dom's coughing up a storm and drinking gingerale to calm his stomach, I'm holding my head with my eyes closed and telling Xavier to "shut up, everyone just shut up", Elisa is hungry, and Xavier has his darned DVD player on full blast. Oh we were a mess.

I never thought we'd make it home. But we did. Allelujah. That's what we get for being greedy shoppers.

Will we ever go back again after that, you ask? You bet!!


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