Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Hate Mondays

Yesterday was a fun day... I got to escape from the 'famiglia' and spend the day (literally the day) at the Elmwood spa in Toronto. It was fabulous 'dahling', and extra awesome because it was all free. I went with my sister Felicia who treated me to a body polish and mud wrap, and a pedicure. Nah, she's not that nice, she just won a $500 gift certificate from a contest she entered! Laugh! She got the 'skinny' treatment and pedicure. Apprently her wrap and steam and whatever is supposed to make you lose poundage, all she got was a lot of sweat and a panic attack being all wrapped up like a corpse. I'm still laughing about it.

I guess I'm supposed to be feeling silky soft and relaxed right now...

My nephew Sam and his wife Marj came to visit my mom today. They had with them little Lukas (aka Luke who actually took his first few steps!), and their brand new little puppy Jack. Here are some pics I took of Luke. So, so cute.

After the spa, I came home and I believe it or not had some time to scrap while Dom was still out with the kids. So, I came up with this quick but cute page. Lots of fun goodies on this page: KI Memories lace paper; BamPop; a transparency; velvet brads; and cardboard that I painted with acrylic paint and lightly distressed. It wasn't until the kids got home that I realized we needed to do some grocery shopping. All we had left in the fridge was Petit Danone yoghurt, diet Coke, and condiments!!!! So off to Dominion we went. Such an exciting life I lead!

I'm now off to create my brother/sister page I mentioned earlier in one of my posts. It's taken me a while to choose my papers. Choosing the papers always takes me the longest to do. I have so much, I'm constantly changing my mind. Anyway, maybe tomorrow I'll have a finished product for you.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the long weekend my fellow Canadians.

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