Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fabric Galore

I'm very bad. I'm turning out to be an on-line shop-a-holic. How do I stop? I was so happy with my gorgeous Drawing Room Collection fabric by Anna Maria Horner, that I had to buy me some more. This time from her new Garden Party Collection. Oh joy on fabric. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with theses one: a table runner for my dining room; a fall jacket for Elisa; some pillows for my living room; cushion pillow for my trunk at the end of my bed. Oh so many gorgeous possibilities!

A little fall jacket for Elisa:

For my trunk at the end of my bed:

A table runner for my dining table:

And perhaps some pillows:

Oh how I wish I could sew. My mother will have to teach me one day. She's the ultimate seamstress in the family:

I have also ordered on-line a few easel albums (in blue, pink and cream/black), from Creative Imaginations. Check them out, they're just the cutest things ever! I couldn't decide which colour I wanted, so, well, I, uh, bought them all. Smile. My favorite scrapper/artist is Christine Middlecamp (if you haven't already noticed LOL), and she has made an album using the blue easel, you have to take a look at it, it's beyond beautiful. I say this alllll the time, "oh to have an ounce of her talent".

This is Christine's cover. I just love the photo frame look of this easel album. She's done such an awesome job. You must visit her website to see the rest of this masterpiece.

By Christine Middlecamp (using Creative Imaginations Easel Album):

Speaking of shopping, we're taking a road trip to Buffalo. We're going to do some shopping for the kids. Well that's what I keep telling myself. But in reality, I'll probably be doing more shopping at places like Target, and Michaels for some scrapping goodness that I can't buy here. But don't tell my husband. We're taking the kids, and I'm really hoping they'll behave in the car. It'll only be an hour and a half drive, but crossing the border on a long weekend may take forever. I better remember to stock up on snacks, drinks, games, and all that jazz to keep them entertained.

Xavier goes back to school this coming Tuesday. Two words. Thank God! He so needs school to keep him busy and tucker him out. He's been a handful this summer. It'll be nice to have a two and a half hour break.

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