Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh Brother...!!!

So I asked what my brother and sister thought of my 'new' blog, and why they haven't yet posted any comments. So, in unison, they responded, "well, I don't see why I should, not like you mentioned me in your blog". So, in response to their request, this is my new challenge to myself: to attempt a page layout of me and my brother Alex, and another with me and my sister Felicia.

Hmmm, now let's see, which photos shall I use for my brother/sister pages!!!! Hmm, circa 1970's perhaps. Those are for sure the most memorable!!! And certainly the most fun times; birthday parties; butterfly hunting with homemade nets made of plastic bags and wire hangers; playing cowboys and indians and tying up my brother Alex and cousin Domenic and nearly strangling them (by accident of course); playing tag in the basement with Alex and friend Chris; going swimming at Monarch Park; taking turns doing pop-a-wheelies down the boulevard on my little Red Devil bike.... oh my gosh, I could just go on and on and on.

So, looking at a bunch of photos, I think perhaps this sums up our childhood - happy, carefree, together, and having a blast: photo taken circa 1978.

How cool is that bathing suit I'm wearing, and how perfect would those KI papers, Pop Culture be on this layout! Oh look at those dirty elbows of mine and if you look really closely you'll see dirt caked in Alex's nails (which we used to scrub with a wire brush for all the dirt!!!) LOL. Ah the good 'ol days.

As for photos of me and my sister Felicia. Well, there are tons but I have yet to decide on one that sums up our relationship. I'm still working on this one. But suffice to say that it will be a good one.

There you guys, now you have no excuse not to comment! Hmph!

Trying to get some scrap time in. Dom just took the kids to the car wash to give me at least a half hour to myself, and in the hopes that it'll put Elisa to sleep.

Until next time, my friends...


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