Friday, July 18, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Today is a horribly, miserably hot and muggy day. I'm supposed to be preparing for our garage sale tomorrow morning, but who has the energy!

We're indoors today, humidex is too high. Sooooo, I'll be trying to edit some photos to get ready to scrapbook 'em.

Got some great shots of Elisa in her new summer pinefore which I ordered from This was from Lassiegirl. So so adorable. I'm going to try to get this page done so I can submit it to Scrap the Music, "Girls in their Summer Dresses", (title by Bruce Springsteen this week). Will I get it done by Sunday --- we'll see...

Below are some shots I got of the Xavier and his friend Vi-Kei. Xavier is in hyper, ultra Marvel Super Hero mode. Today it's BATMAN, yesterday it was Spiderman, then Iron Man, then the Hulk, what next.... geesh! Here are the boys, ready to conquer the world, and eachother!!

Vi-Kei and Xavier aka the HULK and BATMAN

The photo below is one I'm going to attempt to alter by scratching out the background by hand after changing it to black and white. A technique I saw on a page of a fellow Two Peas. It looked awesome, made the image really pop. Hope I can do it.

Well, looks like Elisa is stirring from her nap, and Xavier is getting restless. So better put my mommy hat on and tend to the kids.... oooh to live in a patterned paper house and blog and scrap alllll day.

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