Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Late Night

Hi there! So, today is a rainy, rainy day. It's a good thing 'cause my garden was looking pretty sickly with all this heat we've been experiencing. Dom took Xavier out to do some grocery shopping, and I've just put Elisa down for her usual morning nap. And, yes, believe it or not, I've put a load of laundry in the machine. Yes, today will be dedicated laundry day. Yippie!!! Gawd I lead such an exciting life. But until the next load, it's "me time"!.

Below is one of the pieces I was working on last night. This was a quickie. LOL. A very simple, clean layout. Something I'm not really comfortable with. It took everything to not load it up with embellishments and journaling and all kinds of doo-dads! It turned out rather pretty and that October Afternoon paper, well, it's just spectacular. This post doesn't do the vibrant, gorgeous colours justice. I would have preferred smaller lettering for the title, but this is what I had, so I made it work. All in all, I think I rather like it.

The images below are from the other piece I worked on until about 12:00am'ish. It was so totally fun working on this Batman page for Xavier. Because I was deprived of embellies on the first page I worked on, I kind of went nuts on this one. Once I started I just couldn't stop. But, I don't think it's overdone, it's just got a lot of elements for one to look at.

I tried to make the bats pop by using pop dots. The textured paper on the title was further enhanced with Glossy Accents (Ranger Inds.). It gives it the appearance and texture of a black, warty, bumpy skin. So very ultra cool to see and touch.

I put eyeballs on the bats, a little watch face as a flower centre, and backed it to the black velvet paper. I did the same with the other two flowers but switched the centres to two different brads. The white net helps to make the Batman title stand out. And I just couldn't resist using the black forked fence and tree to add "ambience" to the page! LOL.

I added some little pieces of sparkle at the ends of each branch to give it some omph. Added a handmade "4" coin using a pebble brad, some silver paper and a number 4 sticker. Xavier is four years old, afterall.

So there you have it. My night in a nutshell.

This morning when I showed Domenic my first page of us, he just smiled. When I showed him the Batman page, he smirked and said, "how much did this cost me?, and stop using your Visa for this stuff you're almost at your max"!. Blah Blah Blah.... That means he liked it. Err, I think! Smile.

Yesterday I also had fun adding my photos to, and I've added it to the front page of my blog for your easy access.

I may not be a professional scrapper, nor do I think I'm particularily talented in this arena, but I sure as hell am having fun creating, writing and learning!!!

Adios amigos. Until next time..


Janique de Suisse said...

I love your LO and I love the texture of your tittle !
Greetings from Switzerland ;-)

Sara said...

Hi! Found you over on 2P's & had to come peek! Love your LO's!

Felicia said...

love your LO...batman seems to pop right off the page...nice work