Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girls Chatting, Get Out the Visa

This was my morning funny! I'm afraid of the amount of money she'll be spending on being a girl!!! Shoes, clothes, make-up, hair, etc etc. I think Domenic may need to get a second job to support her 'habits'. Smile.

I was reading through Somerset Studio magazine, yet again.. and saw an advertisement from ARTchix Studio webstore. Long story short, I ended up ordering, well, just a few things. I'm finding that I'm really loving the look of ATC's and the story behind them. They can be so much fun to make, which I will attempt once my products arrive. You have to check them out, they have some really awesome products, like wings (beautifully shaped, not the typical style we see in scrapbooking stores), and neat embellishments. Not only do you get gorgeous stuff, but you get a free gift with your order!!! So, needless to say I'm very excited about getting my package in the mail.
Here's a sampling of what I'm expecting any day now:
How gorgeous are these wings! Just beautiful..
And look at these stunning black wings...

And I bought a few collage sheets but I've only posted the Madonna and Angels and the Happy Home collage sheets.. you'll have to check out the ARTchix Studio site for all the other gorgeous collage sheets.

And this my friends is my free gift. I so love the word, 'free' and 'gift'. Makes my heart skip a beat.

So, there you have it. Now let us just hope that some how, some way I'll be able to find the time to actually get some time to play with my products and actually get a page done sometime really soon.

Better go tend to the 'kidlings' before they destroy the house... I hear toys being thrown, and banging, and ooh there goes some screaming...

Until next time,



felgio said...

I've never seen anyone so excited over wings....personally, i like buffalo style with extra dipping sauce, ha, ha,

Just kidding, I'm going to check out the website

Francesca Di Leo said...

LOL, yeah yeah yeah since when did you become a comedian, oh sister of mine????