Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well ladies and gents, this is finally my finished project for my Forever page. I had to get the assistance of my mother to help with the sewing. I just couldn't figure out my dang sewing machine. I got as far as turning it on, and that was that. Back into the closet it went!!

I added batting to the insides to give it the real look and feel of a quilt. I wanted this page to give off a warm feeling, like that of being wrapped up in and cozy. It actually looks really cool.

I added a pre-cut scalloped edge (love those pre-made diecuts from Bazzill, such a time saver), and added rhinestones to jazz it up. The little glass bird by Heidi Swapp on the frame is just so pretty.

The wording reads, " How do I make time stand still and keep you my baby forever? How will I ever let go?"

A while back I had distressed a 12" x 12" kraft paper and I backed the page to it. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. For some reason I had a hard time taking a decent photo of the full page. I couldn't get the colours right - you need to see this in real life, it's just so much better.

Anyway, the kids are out with their dad and I'm off to do some more scrapbooking. I need to still my mind and relax. Scrapbooking helps me do that. The dishes can wait, my sanity cannot!

Hmph! My collages and wings haven't yet come that I ordered from ARTchix Studio. I hate waiting. I WANT THEM NOW. Arrrrrrrrrrrrh.

A demain mes amies,


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girls Chatting, Get Out the Visa

This was my morning funny! I'm afraid of the amount of money she'll be spending on being a girl!!! Shoes, clothes, make-up, hair, etc etc. I think Domenic may need to get a second job to support her 'habits'. Smile.

I was reading through Somerset Studio magazine, yet again.. and saw an advertisement from ARTchix Studio webstore. Long story short, I ended up ordering, well, just a few things. I'm finding that I'm really loving the look of ATC's and the story behind them. They can be so much fun to make, which I will attempt once my products arrive. You have to check them out, they have some really awesome products, like wings (beautifully shaped, not the typical style we see in scrapbooking stores), and neat embellishments. Not only do you get gorgeous stuff, but you get a free gift with your order!!! So, needless to say I'm very excited about getting my package in the mail.
Here's a sampling of what I'm expecting any day now:
How gorgeous are these wings! Just beautiful..
And look at these stunning black wings...

And I bought a few collage sheets but I've only posted the Madonna and Angels and the Happy Home collage sheets.. you'll have to check out the ARTchix Studio site for all the other gorgeous collage sheets.

And this my friends is my free gift. I so love the word, 'free' and 'gift'. Makes my heart skip a beat.

So, there you have it. Now let us just hope that some how, some way I'll be able to find the time to actually get some time to play with my products and actually get a page done sometime really soon.

Better go tend to the 'kidlings' before they destroy the house... I hear toys being thrown, and banging, and ooh there goes some screaming...

Until next time,


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh Brother...!!!

So I asked what my brother and sister thought of my 'new' blog, and why they haven't yet posted any comments. So, in unison, they responded, "well, I don't see why I should, not like you mentioned me in your blog". So, in response to their request, this is my new challenge to myself: to attempt a page layout of me and my brother Alex, and another with me and my sister Felicia.

Hmmm, now let's see, which photos shall I use for my brother/sister pages!!!! Hmm, circa 1970's perhaps. Those are for sure the most memorable!!! And certainly the most fun times; birthday parties; butterfly hunting with homemade nets made of plastic bags and wire hangers; playing cowboys and indians and tying up my brother Alex and cousin Domenic and nearly strangling them (by accident of course); playing tag in the basement with Alex and friend Chris; going swimming at Monarch Park; taking turns doing pop-a-wheelies down the boulevard on my little Red Devil bike.... oh my gosh, I could just go on and on and on.

So, looking at a bunch of photos, I think perhaps this sums up our childhood - happy, carefree, together, and having a blast: photo taken circa 1978.

How cool is that bathing suit I'm wearing, and how perfect would those KI papers, Pop Culture be on this layout! Oh look at those dirty elbows of mine and if you look really closely you'll see dirt caked in Alex's nails (which we used to scrub with a wire brush for all the dirt!!!) LOL. Ah the good 'ol days.

As for photos of me and my sister Felicia. Well, there are tons but I have yet to decide on one that sums up our relationship. I'm still working on this one. But suffice to say that it will be a good one.

There you guys, now you have no excuse not to comment! Hmph!

Trying to get some scrap time in. Dom just took the kids to the car wash to give me at least a half hour to myself, and in the hopes that it'll put Elisa to sleep.

Until next time, my friends...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

FINALLY the rains have stopped. We've been so cooped up in this house, I think we're all going a little stir crazy! Today it's finally a nice, breezy, sunny day. At long last.

Elisa is taking her usual morning nap, which gives me time to update my post. I really haven't done too much scrapping these past few days. I've literally been going a little crazy. Dom's been working WAY too much, and when he does get home, he's still in work mode so he's been pretty useless to me on the homefront. It's been literally leaving me so exhausted by the end of the day.

Today I promised myself I'd take some time to finish what I started. I really don't like leaving things too long cause then I get bored and want to move on to the next thing..

Here's what I managed to get done thus far, and a sampling of the products I'll use. The inchies are pieces of left over fabric by
Anna Maria Horner. I want it to look quilt like, which I'll sew and may add some batting underneath to give it a real quilt like look. We'll see how that goes.

And I love the gorgous fabric buttons by Amy Butler. I am so loving buttons these days, not the typical ones however, but fabric covered ones or the goreous ones by prima. They're different and add so much gorgeous texture and appeal to a page. I'm in the process of making my own buttons to match my pages but that's in the works.. I'll post as soon as I can get going on that. BTY, if you're a button fanatic you may want to look at this really neat blog by Carmi Cimicata, a very talented multi media artist, called
The Art of the Button. She posts one of a kind buttons she makes. How cool is that!

I picked up some gel blossoms and the mirrored birds from Heidi Swapp, and some really nice ribbon from Rusty Pickly. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll be able to post a finished page. (sorry for the blurry pics but I was in a hurry to get this done before Elisa wakes up)

Here are a few photos of the kids, Xavier, Jakson, Elisa and Ceanna, in the (empty) school parking lot. They like to go there to ride their big wheels over the speed bumps, add some water from all the rain we had, and you've got one blast of a party. The boys were so rough and tumble and loud, and the girls so nice and gentle with one another. Boys and girls are so from different plantes. Like night and day. You'll see from the photos... smile.

Have a great day one and all.


Monday, July 21, 2008

New Inspiration

My brain is a whirl right now, so many things on the brain, work (do I want to go back, do we need for me to go back, who will look after the kids, arrghhhh can't stand it)..... but I won't think of those things right now. I'll just delve into my scrapbooking world and let the rest just fade away...

I was on Christine Middlecamps blog and boy oh boy, you should just see the beautiful photos she's posted of all the new fabulous products from CHA Summer 08. She's an awesome, uber-talented scrapbooker, artist, woman extraordinaire, very worth looking at. She's one of the posts I check in the morning for my daily dose of inspiration. Take a look at some of the awesome stuff below.

How cute is this vintage stuff!!! So loving K & Company these days.

Look at these gorgeous pebble thingies (brads?!), how gorgeous as flower centers perhaps..

And well, look at this ribbon. I must learn to use more ribbon on my pages. This is just ultra gorgeous and soft.. oh I'd love to get my hands on this too!

When I went to my scrap store a few weeks ago, I bought the latest Somerset Studio, The Art of Paper and Mixed Media magazine. Well, I've been devouring it since I bought it. Each time I look through it I find and see something that I've missed. In it there was an article written by Annie Schwabe called, "Art Squared". It talks about now very popular "inchies". I didn't know this but in the art world inchies are a one inch by one inch (very small) canvas of art - you make up a few of these and put them on a page or larger canvas to create a myriad of tiny art pieces!! You'd think 1" by 1" is too small to do anything with, but it's actually not. I've seen the "inchies" craze translate over and over again in the scrapworld by designers who have used this technique with paper squares on their pages. It's a beautiful effect.

I would like to attempt to do this "inchies" thing, but not with canvas, and no, not with paper. I want to use fabric! I recently bought some really fab, goreous fabric from Anna Maria Horner Drawing Room collection - and a couple of bags of scraps to use on my scrap pages. Just take a look at some of these rich, bright colours. Enough to put a smile on the crankiest of old men's faces!!

So, I really wasn't sure how I was going to use the bits until now. I'm even going to attempt to sew - I haven't really done much of that. We'll see how that goes... I guess I should first learn how to thread the machine, err, more like, lets just start by learning where the "on" button is! Smile.

Ok, so that's it for now.

Man, I need to get a life!!! Too much scrapbooking on the brain! But it's sooo much fun, I just can't help myself.

Adieu, to you and you and you....


Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Late Night

Hi there! So, today is a rainy, rainy day. It's a good thing 'cause my garden was looking pretty sickly with all this heat we've been experiencing. Dom took Xavier out to do some grocery shopping, and I've just put Elisa down for her usual morning nap. And, yes, believe it or not, I've put a load of laundry in the machine. Yes, today will be dedicated laundry day. Yippie!!! Gawd I lead such an exciting life. But until the next load, it's "me time"!.

Below is one of the pieces I was working on last night. This was a quickie. LOL. A very simple, clean layout. Something I'm not really comfortable with. It took everything to not load it up with embellishments and journaling and all kinds of doo-dads! It turned out rather pretty and that October Afternoon paper, well, it's just spectacular. This post doesn't do the vibrant, gorgeous colours justice. I would have preferred smaller lettering for the title, but this is what I had, so I made it work. All in all, I think I rather like it.

The images below are from the other piece I worked on until about 12:00am'ish. It was so totally fun working on this Batman page for Xavier. Because I was deprived of embellies on the first page I worked on, I kind of went nuts on this one. Once I started I just couldn't stop. But, I don't think it's overdone, it's just got a lot of elements for one to look at.

I tried to make the bats pop by using pop dots. The textured paper on the title was further enhanced with Glossy Accents (Ranger Inds.). It gives it the appearance and texture of a black, warty, bumpy skin. So very ultra cool to see and touch.

I put eyeballs on the bats, a little watch face as a flower centre, and backed it to the black velvet paper. I did the same with the other two flowers but switched the centres to two different brads. The white net helps to make the Batman title stand out. And I just couldn't resist using the black forked fence and tree to add "ambience" to the page! LOL.

I added some little pieces of sparkle at the ends of each branch to give it some omph. Added a handmade "4" coin using a pebble brad, some silver paper and a number 4 sticker. Xavier is four years old, afterall.

So there you have it. My night in a nutshell.

This morning when I showed Domenic my first page of us, he just smiled. When I showed him the Batman page, he smirked and said, "how much did this cost me?, and stop using your Visa for this stuff you're almost at your max"!. Blah Blah Blah.... That means he liked it. Err, I think! Smile.

Yesterday I also had fun adding my photos to, and I've added it to the front page of my blog for your easy access.

I may not be a professional scrapper, nor do I think I'm particularily talented in this arena, but I sure as hell am having fun creating, writing and learning!!!

Adios amigos. Until next time..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finally! Some Alone Time

Well, so much for our street garage sale! Dom got home really late last night from work, and then couldn't get up this morning to help me haul all the stuff out. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Dom's now taken the kids out to give me some time to myself. And yes, I'm using my time NO, not to clean the loads of dishes, or wash the piles of laundry, or mop the sticky floor. Oh no, I have more important things to do, like scrapbook and blog. LOL (to my husband's chagrin!!)

I was rifling through some pictures and found this one photo of me and Dom on the beach in Paradise Island in the Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I can't even remember what it was like to just be the two of us. Oh to be on a beach, with no cares or worries, with one hand holding the hand of the person you love most in this world... and with the other holding a gin and tonic, on the rocks! Yeah baby! Smile.

I definitely have to scrap this one of me and Domenic. It's just too beautiful and brings back a lot of good memories. I have some awesome beautiful October Afternoon papers from the Detour collection to use on this one.

Here's the photo of Xavier that I altered by scratching out the background. Looks cool and so much fun to do. It totally makes the image pop. And totally appropriate for the subject matter.

Here are some of the elements I'll be using for this page. The print paper is Jenni Bowlin, love it. By Doodlebug Designs is the velvet paper, so very cool. I'll probably use this for the title work, and this really awesome textured paper (mimics bat skin), that I'll use some how, some way. I plan to stay up late tonight to finish this one off.

Ok, gonna go back to my papers and embellies... such simple pleasures!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Today is a horribly, miserably hot and muggy day. I'm supposed to be preparing for our garage sale tomorrow morning, but who has the energy!

We're indoors today, humidex is too high. Sooooo, I'll be trying to edit some photos to get ready to scrapbook 'em.

Got some great shots of Elisa in her new summer pinefore which I ordered from This was from Lassiegirl. So so adorable. I'm going to try to get this page done so I can submit it to Scrap the Music, "Girls in their Summer Dresses", (title by Bruce Springsteen this week). Will I get it done by Sunday --- we'll see...

Below are some shots I got of the Xavier and his friend Vi-Kei. Xavier is in hyper, ultra Marvel Super Hero mode. Today it's BATMAN, yesterday it was Spiderman, then Iron Man, then the Hulk, what next.... geesh! Here are the boys, ready to conquer the world, and eachother!!

Vi-Kei and Xavier aka the HULK and BATMAN

The photo below is one I'm going to attempt to alter by scratching out the background by hand after changing it to black and white. A technique I saw on a page of a fellow Two Peas. It looked awesome, made the image really pop. Hope I can do it.

Well, looks like Elisa is stirring from her nap, and Xavier is getting restless. So better put my mommy hat on and tend to the kids.... oooh to live in a patterned paper house and blog and scrap alllll day.